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Who’s Your Daddy?

You may remember that I have turned in to quite a Seinfeld junkie lately. I love watching the old episodes. Recently, they showed the Seinfeld final episode. You know, the one with the trial.

My deep thought for the day? Who were Elaine’s parents? Did she have a family?

We saw Kramer’s mom, it’s how we found out his first name was Cosmo. Jerry & George’s parents are characters on the show that we see a lot. But Elaine? Nothing. Who are her parents? Does she have any siblings? Why don’t we know these things?

Has anyone got a clue about Elaine’s parents? No. What’s up with that?

By Christine

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8 replies on “Who’s Your Daddy?”

I do remember her father. It was the episode where Jerry & George meet him at his hotel and they’re waiting and waiting for Elaine. Then they have to trek out in the rain with Jerry’s new leather jacket. Needless to say, it was ruined. Then Kramer took it over.

I do not recall this underwear episode with her mother though.

Damn I watch too much tv.

Gosh, I’ve never seen either of those episodes and yes, I have wondered about Elaine’s parents too.

Ha, I love the one where we learn Kramer’s first name from his mother who works in a ladies room handing out powder and stuff. Oh, man. Too good.

My husband’s brother loves Seinfeld as much as we do, and we have a bet whenever we go over to his place as to how many minutes will pass before Bro quotes Seinfeld. The longest he’s gone is about ten minutes.

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