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A New Low… Weight Low, That Is!

I can’t believe it has been almost 4 months since I started doing the 4-Hour Body plan. As of yesterday, I am down 24 pounds. Wait. Let me repeat that for you so it sinks in. TWENTY FOUR POUNDS!!! 24! 24! 24! I’m right on the brink of being down 3 clothing sizes. TWENTY FOUR POUNDS!

1 pound shy of the half-way point of my original goal of losing 50 pounds, which I thought was so impossible when I started. I will tell you my secret, I have used this miraculous modere trim supplement in addition to my diet, besides it also helps me boost my strength to increase the level of my workout. Now it is completely within the realm of possibility of doing it within a year! HELL FREAKIN’ YES!!! *High fives all around*

I went in to Anthropologie and tried on a dress that fit! I didn’t buy it because it wasn’t what I was looking for, but it FIT. You may recall, that was one of the catalyst that finally made me start the plan.

I’m now down to about the weight I was when I met Mike 10 years ago. Yes, I haven’t seen this weight in 10 years. zOMG. (Since it has been so long since I updated, I’ll also add that I hit the 20lb loss mark on the exact 3 month date – 3/21 – which was pretty damn awesome.)

I’ve turned in to a total nut about shopping for clothes lately. Seems it isn’t quite so treacherous when you don’t have to shop in the plus department and you can shop in the regular misses sizes. It is a fun game of what size can I wear today?! I’m also finding myself wanting to walk up to anyone that I think will listen and tell them all about how they should cut wheat out of their lives. Uhm, if I’ve done that to you and you really didn’t want to hear it? Sorry about that. But I still think you should do it.

I learned this past week that if you put on shorts that fit you 24 lbs ago and then you put your phone in your pocket, the weight of the phone will pull your shorts down. It is pretty funny, because I can drop them without even opening the button. Of course, I can’t find any shorts that I like, and it is only getting hotter in Houston by the second.

So to recap (because people always ask):

  • What am I doing: Eating meat & vegetables. Eggs. Minimal dairy. Meat & vegetables. Eggs. Minimal dairy. On repeat. 6 days a week. Literally repeat, since I eat 2 eggs scrambled with ham for breakfast every single day, and one of three things for lunch. Just makes it easier for me.
  • What I am not eating: No flour, no rice, no potatoes, no sugar, no fruit, and most dairy. All of these contain sugars. Sugar raises your insulin. Raising your insulin makes you fat, clogs your arteries, makes you diabetic when your body can’t handle it, and a whole host of other issues. Keep your insulin low & stable, you’ll lose weight. Yes, no fruit – for me, I completely stop losing if I have fruit. So no fruit. (Read “Why We Get Fat & What to Do About It” if you want more scientific support on that. I did. Research does back it up.)
  • What I am drinking: Water. Water, water, more water. (Officially I could also have black coffee or red wine, but I don’t like either one, so I keep on chugging my water.)
  • Counting calories, points, you name it: Nope. None of that. Eat when I’m hungry. Stop when I’m full. Eat snacks. Eat. As long as it is meat & vegetables, I eat all I want. No limits. Take THAT, people doing HCG and only eating 500 calories a day!
  • Is it sustainable?: Well, let me see. I eat meat and vegetables. The core of every good meal, and I’m fortunately not a vegetarian or vegan. I would say yes, it is completely sustainable. After 4 months, I want to keep doing it FOREVER. What other diet can you say that about?!? My point exactly. Sustainable – a big yes!
  • Why just 6 days a week: Because I’m human. Sometimes I crave things. This helps make it sustainable. I need permission to go “off the plan” because it keeps me on the plan. I still try not to eat flour on that one day a week because it makes me miserable and I feel gluten drunk and I have a gluten hangover the next day.
  • WTF? Gluten drunk / hangover: Mike & Brittany have been doing this right along with me, and they have said the same thing. After you cut back on flour, when you do have it it makes you feel miserable. I end up congested, and the next day I wake up aching all over from head to toe, just like a hangover.
  • More about the Cheat Day: After you do 4-Hour Body for a month or two, your cheat days aren’t that dramatic. You are past the cravings, you are feeling so good about losing the weight, you just don’t want to go back. My big “cheat” items tend to be potatoes or gluten free pizza from Pink’s Pizza.
  • Holy Hell SUGAR RUSH!!! Seems that when you’ve been great at keeping your insulin levels nice and happy, if you eat something with sugar in it, it kicks your ass. Whoa. For example, yesterday I had tomato basil soup and a potato thing at La Madeleine. 20-30 minutes later I felt flush, and felt that sugar rush. Meh. So now that sugar makes me feel so nasty, I don’t miss it.
  • No substitutions: Aesthetic surgeon Dr. Nicole Shrader says you can’t replace your favorite foods with fake versions of other foods. Or at least I couldn’t. Instead, I am eating all new foods. For a picky eater like me, this is a huge deal! I don’t miss anything, so no need to point out that I could eat things made with rice that are gluten free. I’m skipping all starchy-carbs, so no rice or potatoes either!
  • Exercise? What exercise?: I should be exercising more, but I want to hire a trainer for that. I have shoulder, hip & knee issues, so tossing around a kettlebell is going to just mess me up. I walk, I ride my bike, but I’m not working out. At all. Brittany has been running, and she discovered that she has to eat some starchy carbs whenever she does, so she eats rice afterwards. Otherwise she was getting headaches. So if you work out, try to add a little carbs in afterwards.

Try to tell me you just CAN NOT do this, and I will tell you that you can, but you obviously are not ready to do it. But you CAN do anything.

  • “But I can’t live without *insert soda name here*” – Guess what? 4 months ago, I was drinking Pepsi, fountain Cokes, and Mexican Coke like it was water. Matter of fact, that first week of doing Four Hour Body, I still drank it a little because I had to get off of the caffeine gradually. I’ve been caffeine free for close to 4 months now. I am functioning just fine.
  • “But I love *insert really starchy food* and just couldn’t live with out it!” – Dude. Give it up. I was a hard core Pastaterian. I ate pasta almost daily. Pasta, pasta, pasta. And anything made with flour. Or potatoes. I loooooooved it. Especially pasta. That said, I haven’t eaten pasta since December. I have had Pizza with gluten free crust on some cheat days, but I’ve had NO pasta. Cut it out.
  • “Well, I have this excuse…” – Ahem. My B.S. meter is going crazy! Your excuse, reason, justification, whatever you want to call it is just that. Nothing more. If you have a wake up call moment like I did? You’ll get over yourself and DO IT. This is one fact that I knew & accepted before I started.
  • Have you tried it? No? Ok, stop trying to tell me that you can’t do it. I tried it for just a month. Four months – and 24 lbs – later, I’m so glad I did!

It is really cool to me to watch the impact that this is having on so many areas of my life. I feel more ME than I have in many years, which was a journey that was started before I changed how I eat. It has taken on a whole new level though since January, which is part of the catalyst of acceptance and bringing everything under the brand of “me” at my Christine Tremoulet site. I can’t put it in to words, it is just awesome. I love my life more than before. I love me.

This is the photo that was one of the main things that launched me in to doing this diet – Mike & I on December 18, 2011.

This one was taken on the 3 month mark, in the same dress, to give you a sense of how much I’ve lost. Brittany commented that it would be a cute dress — if it was 2 sizes smaller! It just hangs on me now! (Also? I miss shoulder pads. Shoulder pads were my friend with my sloping shoulders!)

Just for random amusement, here are two snapshots that my friend Kelli Nicole took when we were at the Hunger Games premiere for her birthday in March. She posted them to Facebook and tagged me, and I was ready to do that thing where you remove the tags because you hate the photo … and then I left the tag because I didn’t hate how I looked at all! In the top one my head is turned at almost the same angle as the catalyst photo above – and I only have one chin! Victory is mine!!!

Have you tried 4-Hour Body, or the Paleo diet? How did you do? Success stories? Considering trying it and want to talk to me more? Leave a comment – I would love to hear from you!

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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Well done on the weight loss, Christine!

I am really keen on hearing more about this. I’ve just been diagnosed with a B12 deficiency (and pretty severe anaemia) which is under control thanks to some B12 injections, but I suspect that I could be heading towards a gluten-free diet in the near future (seeing the consultant tomorrow)…

I’ve read a lot of info that says that carbs are necessary for serotonin production (happy hormone) and that cutting out carbs entirely is a bad idea for mental health in both the short-term (causing mild to moderate depression) and long term (possible increased risks of alzheimers and parkinsons?) I noticed though that you still have veg – is this any veg at all? Are you getting carbs this way instead? I’d love to see a nutritionist’s view on this as I’m definitely no expert!

Did you notice any mood changes, either at first or longer-term?

Eliza, the first week of no starchy/sugary carbs was hard. That said, I can tell you without a doubt that I am happier now and feeling much better than I was 4 months ago. It hasn’t thrown off my serotonin levels at all.

And there is a lot of research that no carbs is much better for you and decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s — it is covered in the Why We Get Fat book that I mentioned in my post. They are researching if insulin levels impact Alzheimer’s and so this should help with that.

I stick primarily to leafy green veg and low GI veg – cauliflower, spinach, lettuces (romaine, etc), broccoli. I was eating a lot of carrots, peas & edamame at first (like a whole bag of baby carrots in a day) and it was too much sugar for me. A few are fine though – so if I have them I just try to keep it to 1/2 cup worth at the most.

So the only mood changes were that first week. Now? Not at all. Quite happy. Matter of fact, now the day after cheat day if I’ve had any gluten, I’m miserable. We call it the gluten hangover. Cranky, headache, achy, just miserable from head to toe – just like a regular hangover – so if anything, it is better for me!

Wow, congratulations! Sounds like this is really working wonderfully for you — and you seem really happy about it which is the best!

I did try 4HB but got really nauseous .. consistently so even after being very good & strict on it for weeks. Do you know anyone else who’s had the same problem but solved it, perchance?

Good for you!!!! I did a 21 day sugar detox and can’t tell you how much better I felt. I really need to get back on track. Thank you for the reminder and the inspiration to do this!! Keep it up!!

You look great, Christine! I started eliminating gluten from my diet 8 weeks ago after being diagnosed with celiac disease and it has made SUCH a difference. I have been shocked at the horrible things food does to our bodies (besides just gaining weight). Good luck!

You look great, lady! Whatever you’re doing is obviously working.

Giving up caffeine & soda years ago was one of the better decisions I’ve ever made for myself. I was stuck in such a dramatic rollercoaster of being overly-caffeinated or completely comatose. It was shocking how much better I felt once I gave it up completely. I still miss caffeine on those days I’m really dragging from lack of sleep, but on most days I feel more awake without it – imagine that! And I sleep so much better too, even though I insisted caffeine never affected my sleep.

I’ve changed my diet to be healthier this year too – which involves eating more veg and a lot fewer starchy carbs – and while I look better, my favorite part is how much better I FEEL. It’s amazing what a difference your diet can make in your overall health.

@Eliza: Anemia and B12 deficiency are common symptoms of gluten intolerance and/or Celiac disease. It happens because your body is no longer able to absorb nutrients from food. Get tested for Celiac–I recommend the stool test from Enterolab. If it finds a gluten or dairy intolerance, try a gluten-free and/or dairy-free diet. You should feel much better within a week or two. (In the meantime, get a B12 injection and you’ll feel like a new woman!)


As gorgeous as the day we met! Congrats on your achievement. As someone in the struggle with you, I can appreciate every ounce of loss.

Been telling you wheat is evil for years! 😉 dropping that fat is so good, isn’t it!

I’m firmly a UK 18 now, which is 4 or 5 dress sizes smaller (I was a 26/28, depending on cut/style) all through cutting refined carbs. Really do need to find time to finish sorting out

Hi Christine, congrats on reaching your halfway point! I think you will blow past it and dig into some serious new territory!

I was 220 lbs when I got married in 2008. I now weigh 180 (give or take). My end goal is 160lbs by June of this year, I might just hit it if I stay focused. I’m also training for some centuries (biking). I’ve found that 4-6 hour rides require eating a load of carbs (raisins, rice) so I make my biking days my Cheat days! Match made in heaven.

I’m sleeping better, feeling better, and looking better. People really notice that I’ve trimmed down. I even rewarded myself with a new pair of jeans size 34, next goal is size 32!

Best of luck, and thank you for sharing your story.

Eric N.

Congratulations! You look amazing! I am so much on the same journey as you, although I’m a couple of steps behind you. I don’t own a scale, but I’m actually looking forward (I think) to the dr.’s visit that I have on the 25th. I never thought I could give up pasta, but I did.

As a matter of fact, I had some this past weekend and I absolutely had that starch hangover. I’m not on the paleo or 4 hour plan, I just gave up soda, processed carbs and sugar. I’m having a terrible time with half and half and cheese though. I’m walking too – and I added some free weights for arms. I also have injury issues (knee and ankle), so I’m really trying to go slow so that I don’t injure myself and quit. Good for you Christine.

BTW, you met Mike 10 years ago??? Where does the time go?!

Thank you, Trisha! I hope the number will still be going down by the time we get to PARIS!!! (Eeee!!! Paris!!! I can’t WAIT!) Am I the only one totally freaking out about being in front of the camera? 😉

Thank you, Meri! Interesting – I’ve never heard of anyone getting really nauseous from doing it. (Matter of fact, I left it out of this post – but all of my GERD and heartburn problems went away when I cut wheat.) Do you think it was any one thing in particular? Or just the lack of carbs as a whole? Hmm…

Thank you, Meredith! I’m thinking of doing a cleanse in June after I get back from my trip to Paris, London, Boston & New York. I’m sure that all that travel is going to knock me off track, so I am hopeful that would help me get back to it if I have! Good luck — you can do it! *grin*

Thank you, Lara! Please feel free to let me know if you have *any* questions! There is a FB group of photographers doing 4HB & Paleo as well with a ton of great info and really helpful people in it! Let me know if you try it out and you want in on the group!

Thank you Jamie for the congratulations! Haha! Nope, the BigPinkCookie isn’t going anywhere! I thought about it, but just too many people know me as this. If I did anything, I’d figure out how to overlay a new URL on the old content or something like that. Too much of a legacy here!

Thanks Trish! Isn’t it crazy? I need to actually be properly tested for celiac. I thought there was no way I had it, but someone said you can have only some of the symptoms? Either way, I’m definitely sensitive to gluten. Incredible how much better I feel without it!

Thank you Theresa! I always swore caffeine didn’t effect me too – and I was so wrong! I feel a lot more clear-headed without it!

Aww, thank you Faith! I’m hoping I’ll be even more gorgeous the next time you see me, since wasn’t that the time I was super anemic & didn’t know it? All I know is NYC kicked my ass! Was it fall of 2007? Or spring of 2006? I don’t remember now!

Oh Nikki, if I wasn’t so short we could probably share clothes now! I should be a firm UK 18 as well. I’ll have to see once I get over there! Like I said, I was a hard core pastaterian (glutentarian?) so giving it up was just going to be pure hell. I THOUGHT. Who knew it would make me feel *so* much better?!? (Oh, wait, you probably did. Well. Oops.) Thank you again – and I can’t WAIT to see you in May!

Thank you Eric! I don’t know, if I was training for century rides, I’d probably have a few more cheat days a week! But you totally could with burning that much off. Good luck on getting down to the goal! It is always so fun when people notice. I’m considering wearing my old, huge baggy clothes everywhere to really make sure they see how much I’ve lost! Haha!

Thank you, Christine! About the scale – everyone said to measure instead of the scale because the tape measure doesn’t lie. I ignored them and have only gone by the scale, but I sort of wish I had my starting measurements too. I’m going to measure next week so I at least have those – I’ll have to guesstimate the rest based on old clothes.

Sometimes the cheese is hard, but hang tight. You’ll get there! And yes – it has already been 10 years since we met. Well, it will be in September. Our 8 year wedding anniversary is at the end of May!

Great job on the weight loss Christine. It just proves when you have a plan and you stick with it, you can get results.

You look MAHVELOUS! I’m so psyched this is working for you. I know that the 4HB diet allows beans, and I’ve seen you say (I think on Facebook) that you cut back on beans. So none at all? Or in limited quantities? Also – if you don’t mind, I’d love more details about what you’re eating specifically. Breakfast is pretty easy for us: Hardboiled eggs and a (no sugar added) salsa. For lunch we used to do a bean salad, but we’re also going to cut out the beans, but I need some ideas for quick, easy to make-ahead lunches that we can grab and run out the door with. For dinner, I’ve got a few recipes that we’re rotating around – always looking for more – so would love to hear more…

There is a lot of other literature that says good cheeses are able to be used in the new diet. Also, low glycemic fruits such as berries will not raise the blood sugar. Anything with berry at the end! I am so glad that I kept trying to nudge you into this new way of eating. I have been “cheating” but am back on track. I don’t have will power if there is anything with sugar in the house!
love, mom (YOU LOOK GREAT!)

I’m so jealous that you and Kelli get to hang out! It’s so fun to see one of my favorite friends on your blog 🙂

I liked Why We Get Fat but I’m holding on to my mostly-vegetarian ways. I’ve been trying to do low-carb as much as possible though and I’m seeing big results.

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