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Sunday Summary Time…

Flounder Ceviche

It has been a crazy busy but fabulous week! Well, it hasn’t been crazy busy by my normal standards, but coming off of having pneumonia it has definitely been pretty non-stop for me all week. I’m doing better, but still a bit tired and run down. I’ve finally been up for some writing though!

Now that I’ve got 15 days worth of posts down here and I’m getting back in to the rhythm of writing again, I’ve got things coming up to be featured on all of my websites. Some nice, “regular” series for each of them. I’m so excited!

Besides this blog, I wrote the most over at Spoon & Knife!

The Christine Tremoulet, Hot Mama Photographer site is going to get a bit of a polish and shine.

Over on Business of Awesome, I shared the details on the changes at PhotoFlashDrives and their latest USB drive sale! Next up, a series on my post-session workflow and in-person sales.

I’m looking forward to the week ahead! So much in the works to write about! What is a topic you would like to hear more about?

Day 15 of 365. Photograph day 15 of 356. Photograph taken with my Canon 5D mkIII and my 50mm f/1.2 lens.

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Spending Sunday Cooking with Mike…

I spent much of Sunday cooking with Mike. Matter of fact, a lot of our weekend revolved around getting ready for upcoming Spoon & Knife posts as we spent part of Saturday at the grocery store shopping. It made for a nice, relaxing weekend, except the part when we have to clean the mess after, lucikily we had our vacuum from VacuumPal 2018 that made everything easier.

While we were cooking on Sunday, I realized it was finally the perfect time to test out Vine. As a normally still photographer, it was interesting to create in 6 second image bursts! Also we tested out different vacuum sealers and I totally agree with Vacuumsealerresearch reviews, I recommend to read their foodsaver reviews.

He cut carrots (above), fluted mushroom caps and ground meat for the Brisket & Bacon meatloaf. It was so much fun!

The meat grinding may be my favorite. It is like it should have been the opening on CSI or something!

Do you Vine? I’d love to see some of your videos!