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You Can Make Your Own…

Now you can have a Big Pink Cookie of your own – Donna posted a recipe for them over at The Red Kitchen! You can check it out here! Yummm… I might just have to bake some – those sound good!

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Slow Cooker Recipes

It occurred to me that, like everything else, there would probably be some slow cooker recipes on the web if I just looked for them. Here are some of the sites I found:
Slow Cooker Recipes (Lots of other Recipes too!)
Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science Crockpot Recipes (Hey, that’s what it says…)
Collection of Recipes
Just Crockpot Recipes (YES! I think we have a gold mine here!)
– and of course has some too!
MommySavers Recipes
Chef Mom’s Slow Cooker Recipes
Slow Cooker Souther Style Crockpot Recipes (Whew! Another ton of recipes site!)
The Kitchen Link Archive of recipes – lots of links to other sites.
Quick ‘n Easy Crockpot Recipes
Crockpot Recipe Index
Cooking Cache Recipes (Lots of good looking recipes … yum!)

Now I am craving my Beer Cheese Soup or some Baked Potatoe Soup. Yummmm… I’ll post my “successful” recipes, as I test them, in my cooking blog!