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Guten Tag!

We left Amsterdam yesterday, after being caught in a huge downpour of rain, and headed to the border of The Holland to Sittard on the train. Karen came to the station to pick us up, and we stayed with her & Jason last night at their house in Havert. Such a nice, small town – and the weather. Ahhhh. Cool air! Mike was starting to wonder already if he was going to get me to ever leave Germany.

Later today we are off for Koeln (Cologne) with Karen. We will spend the night and pick up our rental car tomorrow. And then? Well, who knows. This is actually the part of our trip that isn’t packed with reservations already. We’re just going to take it easy and go with the flow.

I’m on Karen’s computer right now, since mine refuses to get online. More photos the next time I post!

Travel Notes

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Jason & I arrived yesterday morning at about 8am (local time) in Amsterdam. After finding the hotel & getting a short nap, we went out and walked around the city. So fabulous to see so many people walking, and so many bikes. I always knew that there were a lot of bikes here, but had no idea just how many until we arrived – it is just astonishing!

We went on a river cruise, and walked and photographed some more, until we just couldn’t stay awake any longer. Another nap, and then when Mike arrived from London, we went out for dinner and a stroll around the Dam and down Damark.

We are having a great time, although the jet lag is still making me a bit tired and punchy right now. We’ll adjust soon though, I’m sure!

BlahBlahBabble Travel Notes

Guess What?!?

I’ve finally seen SUNSHINE today! This is HUGE considering all the rain we’ve had. We’ve already had 3.85 inches for July, and our average for July is 4 inches. Yeah, we were all starting to be a bit waterlogged. However, with the sun coming out, the heat has returned. It has been a relatively cool summer, but the highs are supposed to be back in the 90s now, like normal. Hmmm… I would prefer the cool temps *and* the sunshine, but to get that combination I think we would have to move, which isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

Speaking of going to cooler places though, guess what else?!? We are going to The Holland ™ and then to Germany!!!!!! Mike left on Saturday for The Holland for work, and then he will go to London, and then return to meet up with Jason & I in Amsterdam in a few very short weeks! The plan so far:

– We will spend a day or two in Amsterdam
– from Amsterdam to The Hague (to pick up Mike’s giant suitcase which he can’t take over to London because it is too big for the puddle-jumper flight)
– over to Germany to visit Karen
– Cologne (Koln)
– Frankfurt am Main
– Heidelberg
– southern Lake District, maybe?
– Neuschwanstein
– Garmish
– Munich and some knit time with Elemmaciltur (shhh, don’t tell Jason.) I have to get some of that great German yarn sometime! Oh, and Addis. I must, must, MUST find some short addi sock needles!
– Salzburg – I’m already trying to get the Sound of Music tour on the schedule, because I didn’t do it 16 years ago.
– Maybe a trip to Eagle’s Nest?
– Back to Munich & up to Dachau – history is a very important thing to see.
– Nurnberg
Rothenberg – I hope to stay here for a few days, sort of a vacation from the vacation. A little down time in the quaint, amazing walled city.
– Wurzberg
– Through Frankfurt, and back to Karen’s house.
– Back into The Holland to return to Amsterdam and go home.

Ok, it looks long – but some of the items are just part of a day – like Neuschwanstein will take a good portion of the day, but then we will head to Garmisch and spend the night and go see sights there the next day. It isn’t final yet, and some items might get pulled off.

It also looks a bit long because we had no choice but to stay about a week longer than we had originally planned. Jason & I are going over using frequent flyer miles, and while we had a huge selection of flights to get us there, we only had one option for returning home – 6 days later than I had wanted to return. Oh, who am I kidding – I’m psyched to be staying 6 days longer! But it wasn’t the original plan. So we will be there for over 2 weeks, giving us a lot of time to roam!

I lived in Germany over 15 years ago; I returned to the US when I was 7 months pregnant with Jason. He has never been there. I lived in a tiny, tiny town, Illesheim, which is near the larger town of Bad Windsheim. I was not far from the autobahn, and Rothenberg was about 15 minutes away, so I went there often. I absolutely adore that city – especially at night after the tour buses have come and gone. It is just an amazing place.

Matter of fact, I’ve been to many of the cities on the list, but I want to share them with Mike & Jason. I just can’t wait!

Picture Time Portrait Sessions Travel Notes

Manhattan Sunset…

Manhattan Sunset

One of my favorite shots of the sunset over Manhattan, as viewed from Fulton Ferry Landing at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. So much better if you view it large.

Before I could finish editing the photos from my trip to Philly and New York, I had to wrap up the proofs from the latest engagement session. Amy & Zach were so fabulous to work with, I’m actually using one of their photos in an upcoming magazine ad! Yes, I took the plunge last week, and there will be a Fresh Photography ad in a future wedding magazine. How cool is that?

Next up – senior portraits, newborn portraits, cotillion fashion show photographs, and the family reunion / 50th anniversary photographs from this weekend. My goal is to make it through as many of them as possible this week, then tons of updates to the website! Hang on tight – it is going to be a fast ride!

Travel Notes

Ahhh… Some R&R…

As usual, I didn’t sleep well at on Wednesday night. I never do when I travel. But we got to the airport early, the security line was long and sucky because they only had 2 scanners open, and then I had lots of time before my flight. Bumpy ride, bad weather, blah blah blah… only to arrive in Philly to WONDERFUL weather – in the 70s! – a train that arrived minutes after I got to the platform, and just an all around good day.

I ate zucchini & scallops for dinner, and I have to admit, they were pretty good. Don’t tell Mike that I tried “new to me” foods, his feelings might be hurt. I still don’t care for the flavor of green beans though. Don’t know why, just don’t.

I slept well except for the weird dream about being at a horsetrack and leaving my camera bag behind when I went to a different seat. Of course, it was stolen. Weird. Way too vivid of a dream, and when I started to get upset about the stolen bag I actually told myself to wake up. So I did, the dream was over, and all was well again. My camera is sitting right next to me.

We are about to head into the city for lunch at DiBruno’s with Wendy (yeah!) and then I think we must go to the Mutter Museum. Medical oddities? How can a girl resist!?! I see lemon sorbet in my future too. Mmmmmm…