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Oh, the Irony!

I’ve been doing the Four Hour Body, slow carb, no white foods, whatever you want to call it diet for four weeks now, and sharing the adventures with you here.

Yeah, that blog name of BigPinkCookie is pretty freakin’ ironic right about now, isn’t it?!?!!!

But it is just going to have to stay that way. I guess I’ll dedicate it to the BigPinkCookie that I won’t be eating any time soon. Because after my revelations at ALT last week, there is NO WAY I’m adding another blog to my life!

Off to wrap up editing from ALT and some other recent shoots! I’ll be sharing my 4 week results and my ALT round up in the next day or two!

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I had not even thought of the irony, but it is funny now that you mention it.

And congrats on the weight loss you posted over in Becker and Swan’s 4HB group. Don’t be discouraged that several people have mentioned more weight loss than that in the same time span recently there. Everyone is different and you still lost way more than what most traditional nutritionists would say you might lose on a simple calories in versus calories out plan over the same period of time. And you need to be doubly congratulated considering you stuck with it on your recent travel schedule.

Not discouraged at all! Plus considering 2 holidays + 8 days of travel fell in the midst of learning how to eat a completely new way? And kicking caffeine + cravings? I’ve totally rocked!!!

Years ago my goal was 5lb a month (and I never made it more than 3 weeks on any diet). I never dreamed I could rather effortlessly lose 9lb in a month! I’ll take it!

I am glad to hear that. I know I have seen several people totally slumped by their first few weeks because they expected some amazing number.

In fact, I had a meet up with some friends recently on the weekend who had each talked someone into starting the slow carb diet. Each of them heard back complaints from the friend or relative because they did not lose some magical number like 20+ pounds in two weeks. When someone loses four inches and 5 pounds in two weeks, they should be proud. It is a journey and not a sprint.

Keep it up! Like you said, with that travel schedule, your results are great. Besides, it is all relative to where each person started from. And I can’t believe you kicked caffeine at the same time. I just switched to black coffee when I dropped Pepsi. Are you getting headaches?

Brett, I forgot to respond! I had already been cutting back on caffeine, so I just did it all at once. (I loooooove fountain Coke. Mmm… and Pepsi too.) (Or rather, I once loved them.)

I think part of the “hell day” was the caffeine withdrawal too. I took two Excedrin, it went away. No headaches since week one. Before I started? I woke up achy and with headaches almost every day due to the sinus congestion – which went away as soon as I cut gluten.

In other words? ALL good!!! But I know cutting caffeine isn’t an option for everyone!

After a month of traveling and enjoying different cuisines across three continents, I am now back on Slow Carb Diet. Next cheat day: Super Bowl Sunday.

How’s that diet working out? It’s a toughie to stick to, but if you do it right, the results will come with time.

Most important thing is not to see instant gratification, take your time and stick with it.

i can give you the advice: do some sports (boxing is great, of course no sparring;)) and eat less. thats the only thing that works. in my opinion diets are moneymaking marketing bits that can become a hobby or something.

I stumbled across your blog while googling about successful experiences after going on a low carb diet. I term the experience as successful only when you get a sustainable weight loss of 4-5 pounds per week(I hope thats not too high though). It would be quite painful for me to cut back on caffeine being in IT profession but I can definitely take the hit given that i know the positive results of cutting back on it. I could read that you said that will start sharing the results in the following weeks. Is there some follow up post somewhere?

Ironic it is.

But, when I was losing weight, there were quite some thing which were ironic. As a: my favourite food is cholocate with nougats, and yet, when I was on a diet, I haven’t had any in 5 months! But I always said that my favourite food is that chocolade.

And good luck with the diet!

My 50 cent about loosing weight: The real progress is seen between 2 and 4 months, if you are really strickt with you diet!

Hey don’t just cut back on the caffeine like that. As long as you don’t overload yourself with caffeine it should be beneficial for plenty of reasons.

Remember don’t cut caffeine at once too, you’ll be suffering from caffeine crash argh 🙁

Caffeine helped me curb my appetite during my weight loss progress and I’ll say it’s definitely beneficial! Before loading yourself with caffeine hearing this, don’t hit over 200-300mg a day though 😛

Good luck with your progress Christine! 🙂

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