Party Time! Party Time!

It seems it is time to plan a birthday party for – this domain will be 10 years old later this month!!! I think I´m getting a limo bus rental to have all of my amazing friends over to celebrate. I’m also going to visit Lashes by Lisa and get myself eyelash extensions, I’m so excited.

I purchased it on July 26, 2002. Now I need to go research when I made the switch over from using BlahBlahBlog. (Which I still own, it is just hard to say out loud or for people to remember how to spell, so I changed to BPC.)

What should we do to celebrate BPC turning 10?!?

My suggestion: we visit, buy every style paper plate and party decor item they have, and throw a huge party! Invite all our friends and show off the beauty of Paper Eskimo 🙂

Smaller Pink Cookie

Oh, the Irony!

I’ve been doing the Four Hour Body, slow carb, no white foods, whatever you want to call it diet for four weeks now, and sharing the adventures with you here.

Yeah, that blog name of BigPinkCookie is pretty freakin’ ironic right about now, isn’t it?!?!!!

But it is just going to have to stay that way. I guess I’ll dedicate it to the BigPinkCookie that I won’t be eating any time soon. Because after my revelations at ALT last week, there is NO WAY I’m adding another blog to my life!

Off to wrap up editing from ALT and some other recent shoots! I’ll be sharing my 4 week results and my ALT round up in the next day or two!


Oh, BigPinkCookie – I’ve Missed You…

For weeks now, I’ve been thinking at least once a day how much I miss writing here. First I thought it was just being nostalgic for the “good ol’ days” – especially with my trip to London earlier this month to photograph the destination wedding in England of Pixeldiva Ann & Karl. But the more I think about it, I think it is time to get back to blogging.

As much as I love Twitter, I know it has killed my blog to some extent. Instead of writing a long post, I’ll fire off 140 characters and be done with it. Some things just really can’t be summed up in 140 characters though. Let’s be realistic – I’ve always had a lot to say!

It is time. It is time to bring it back.