Love Yourself Now…

I spent part of this morning cleaning out my closets, and I found a skirt that I owned back when I was “so fat” that was several inches from reaching around my waist now. I wanted to get my hands on a time machine and go kicky my skinny bootie and tell myself to GET OVER IT. I wasn’t so fat. Far from it. I´m glad that Maid Complete Littleton didn´t move that skirt when they were cleaning my house or else I would have never found it. When you need to find a removalist when planning to move into a new home in Sydney, visit andy the guy for more information. I honestly miss my old house cleaning services, they were so friendly to me, I wish hadn´t changed them.

It made me sad thinking of all the years I wasted hating myself for not living up to some arbitrary number on the scale.

Don’t get me wrong – I still have days where I struggle. I’m facing a battle of the bulge with pounds that I am trying to lose. But at least I don’t hate myself on a constant basis because of it. I’d actually say I love myself more now than I have in the past 15-20 years.

Lesson: Love yourself as you are right now. It is ok to try to be even better, but don’t withhold the love you deserve until then. You rock!

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The Weight Update, March 2011…

I forgot to weigh myself yesterday. After being in Las Vegas last week for WPPI and retaining so much fluid, I was obsessively weighing myself every single time I went into the bathroom and saw the scale, and so I told myself I had to stop. As a result, I skipped weighing in on March 1st. Oops!

BUT!!! I weighed in today, and I’ve now lost a total of 8.2lb since the start of 2011. That means I’m right on track, since my goal was 4-5lb a month for the year. Yay!!!

Biggest thing I’ve been doing? Drinking LOTS of water. My boudoir client that is a personal trainer told me to drink half of my weight in water each day, so I’m pushing to drink 100 ounces daily. It is hard – that is a lot of water! But I keep my big 20oz Starbucks thermo cup with me all the time and whenever it is empty I refill it. 5 of those a day gets me to my goal.

I think I was on the short list of people who didn’t come home from WPPI with the photographer plague, and I am crediting the fact that I only had half a glass of wine and one margarita the whole time I was there, but 60-80oz of water daily, with the fact that I came home unscathed! Well, that and I washed my hands a lot. I’m still surprised, since I definitely didn’t get enough sleep!

Plan for March: keep up the water drinking, more fruits and vegetables, and more walking each day. SXSWi is coming up this month, so there will be a few days with a lot of eating out, but as I learned from WPPI as long as I keep drinking water I should be fine!

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May Weight Loss Results…

I spent May much like April, circling the same number as far as weight loss — 1 lb up, 2 lb down, over and over again. Ugh! So frustrating! But it is pretty obvious why that has been the case, I’ve been terrible about really tracking what I eat. The Weight Watcher’s motto of “you bite it, you write it” really does hold true. If I don’t track it, I just keep circling the same number. Traveling didn’t help either. I never picked working out with any sort of routine back up either after I got sick earlier this year.

So now we’re in to June and it is a fresh month. Clean slate. New goal of losing 5 pounds this month. I’ve actually lost 2 pounds already since returning from New Mexico on May 28th, so that is a good start! I ended May 2.6lb over where I started this month, so I can’t have another month like that!

I went to Angel Fire, NM (a resort town near Taos, NM) from May 23-28 with my friends Kelly and Brittany. It started off as a plan to have a destination wedding photographer retreat – talking about all the things we can do to grow our business. (Brittany does editing for me – I’m *so* fortunate to have her!) In the end, not only did we do that, but we shared all of our obsessions with each other too! Brittany taught Kelly how to knit, and they talked about how Brittany wants to run a triathlon, and while we were at Taos Cyclery getting things for Kelly, I decided to make my dream a reality and get a new bike! (We had a bike rack on the car because Kelly brought her bike to keep up her training – so I could easily bring it home.)

The team at Taos Cyclery was beyond awesome. They took the time to talk with me about what I wanted in a bike, what I planned to do with it, about my issues with my right shoulder and how I can’t ride if I have to put too much weight on it. In the end, I picked out a bike that fit all of my wishes, and they sent me out the door to even test it out. How awesome is that?!? Considering the investment I was making, it was nice to get out on the street and make sure it was a nice ride.

So now I have a new Raleigh hybrid bike, great for cycling the streets of Houston comfortably for a nice long ride. Coach Kelly has me on a nice training program now so I can slowly work my way up to some of the longer organized rides, and I’ve started doing 15-20 minute rides (about 3 miles) this week.

My big push for the past few weeks has been to make sure my life is very scheduled because I get so much more done then – so I’m riding Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday. I’ve been going in the morning before the heat gets too bad, since it is already well in the 90s every day. (Ugh!) On days that the weather doesn’t cooperate, I’ll be walking on the treadmill or doing another indoor workout.

I’m on track to lose 5lb in June, and to lose another 30 by the end of the year. It isn’t a sprint but a marathon. I’m not trying to hard-core diet, but rather making lifestyle changes that I can implement from now on. I’ll continue to write about it so you can hold me to it!

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January’s Final Weigh-In…

Whew! January ended up being a much more whirlwind of a month than I anticipated. Lots of boudoir sessions leading up to Valentine’s Day – there are going to be some very nice gifts received this year by people! And then I ended up sick this past week, fever, aches, major sinus congestion, coughing – the works. To put it mildly – it sucked. I’m finally on the mend now though, fortunately!

But the big excitement around here has been our Weight Watchers results for the month! Whoo hoo! I lost *drumroll* 7.4 pounds this month! YAY!!! That works out to a 3.206% weight loss overall. Sweet!

Mike joined me on my “5 in 10” goal, and has become even more fanatical about tracking his WW Points than I am – so awesome! It also makes it easier to do if I’m not doing it alone.

So now January is over, and I get a clean slate fresh start for February. Another 5 pound goal. Having done it for one month, I know I can do it!

How did you do this month? Did you make the 5lb goal for January? If you didn’t, that is ok! February is a whole new month. 5 pounds – you can do it!

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EA Sports Active – Day 1 of 30…

I learned how to use the Wii today! I made my Mii, and then I discovered that the EA Sports Active game uses a different avatar and uses different gears on sports game just like that many athlets are using. Oh well – it helped me figure out how to use the Wii remote! I learned a lot at about various sports that can help with health.

My review of EA Sports Active:
– It is nice that they have a trainer video clip to show you how to do the moves if you don’t know how to do them.
– When selecting the stand up paddle boards Challenge, you can choose what intensity you want to go with; this way, you can keep doing 30 Day Challenges if you want at different levels. I started off at the low intensity for my first round.
– The leg pouch slides off your leg if you have yoga or running pants on. Sort of annoying – I ended up kicking it off before doing the boxing round at my Boxing Gym.
– I thought there was no way that it could tell if my form was correct – but it can! It knows if you’re not lunging far enough and things like that.
– You can cheat the system. I pulled my hamstring months ago, and it is still sore so I can’t run fast. I tried to run, but it kept telling me I was too slow. I switched to walking (even slower) and it said I was perfect. Uhm, ok? But overall, it was great – that was the only time I noticed the flaw.
– You don’t have to have a balance board – I didn’t know this when we bought it. If you do have one, and choose to use it, you can for some of the activities like boxing and inline skating.
– I love that the 30 Day Challenge changes things up for you – this is awesome for me since I’m just starting out! It will alternate for you what you are doing each day of your program so you’re not working out the same parts daily. It even sets my “off” days for me. If you’re more advanced, you can set up your own program – making this great no matter what level you’re at!
– Rating: 9 out of 10

All in all, it was a great workout! I can do this! 22 minutes today, and I burned 165 calories.

After my workout this morning, I went to pick up new cross-training shoes — I’ve needed them for the treadmill and for walking workouts as well. I think this will help with cushioning my hamstring and my bad knee as well. Next week, I’ll also be making my MRI appointment that I should have made this fall so I can figure out if I have a torn meniscus (I don’t think I do) or what it is that is wrong with my right knee. Hopefully we’ll be able to figure it out and get me cleared to work out even more!

I did my first day of Weight Watchers food tracking today as well. Lets just say it was bad. Very bad. But that is ok — it is all a learning experience. I’m like a marathon runner – this isn’t a sprint, I’m in it for the long haul. But it is still a good thing my new week starts tomorrow!

I realized tonight that I can’t think of this as a diet. I have a long road ahead of me to meet my final goal. Diets are short things that end. This is a lifestyle change, plain & simple. Today is just the first step tomorrow you might even get your own yoga certification goa india and your own exercise trainer.