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Heights Car Wash

Heights Car Wash

When I bought my new Mini Cooper last year, I made a commitment to treat it right, and part of that is making sure it gets washed & waxed. This past Tuesday was PERFECT weather in Houston, so I made a point of stopping at the Heights Car Wash on White Oak & Columbia to get it washed, waxed & detailed!

One of the owners of the Heights Car WashTuesday is the $10 off having it waxed day, and it seemed that everyone had the same idea as me! There was a huge line! But that was ok — they took down my number so I could leave and they called me 45 minutes later when it was done. Perfect to go visit Blue Line Bike Lab across the street, or maybe walk to Revival Market for a coffee or dessert?


They did a really great job! If you’re in or near the Heights and need someone to take car of your car, be sure to check them out! Tell them I sent you! They know their stuff too. some car wash places useĀ car pressure washers that are far too powerful for the job and that could wash away the paint. According to tool enthusiast Bob Robinson “high powered industrial pressure washers can be too powerful for the surface of your car; if you use a pressure washer that is too powerful, you can actually damage the surface of the car and strip the paint away.”

My Mini Cooper after visiting the Heights Car Wash

Creative Geek

Looking for a Studio in Houston?

I figure I just posted it to my other blog, so I should include it here as well — I’m looking for a studiomate for my space in the Heights here in Houston.

You: A creative type. Most likely a freelancer. Photographer, Graphic Artist, Wedding Planner, Web Designer, Invitation Designer, or something most likely along those lines.

Me: A wedding & boudoir photographer, who does geeky stuff as well like blog & SEO consulting.

The space: Adorable. Too awesome to keep it all to myself. Perfect for someone who isn’t looking for conventional leased office space but instead wants an affordable shared space that comes with an incredible studiomate – ME!.

Let me know if you’re interested! The best way to reach me about it is my contact form here.

Picture Time

White Linen Night Time Again!

It is time to get your white linen out and ready for the annual White Linen Night Event at the studio! Come out and see work by JenXer (Jennifer Mathis), our featured artist this year. Elaine & I will have our art photography on display as well. Doesn’t your home need some new art?

We’ll have sweet treats from Porch Swing Desserts and beer from Saint Arnolds. Good times throughout the Heights! (Read all about it over on my much longer post. I don’t want to repeat too much in case you read that already!)

You can RSVP on our Facebook event page or just leave a note here. We would love to see you!