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Bacon. IN the Pancakes. Brilliant!

Bacon. In the pancakes. GENIUS!

When I went to Denver last fall, Brooke Summer (a Denver boudoir photographer) and I dined at all sorts of fabulous places. One of my personal favorites? The Original Pancake House. We went to the one in the Denver Tech Center, and it was like a little slice of heaven.

Admittedly, I hadn’t had pancakes at that point in over 10 months since going gluten free. I love pancakes, but I chose when I first cut out gluten to not find “substitutes” for it because I also eat a very low-carb diet as well. Pancakes? Not going to happen. But that one day, I gave in. I ordered gluten free BACON pancakes. Yes, bacon IN the pancakes. Whoever came up with that idea was a freaking GENIUS! I love how bacon tastes with a little syrup on it, that maple flavor just makes it somehow better. So if you put bacon inside the pancakes, it is the best of all things combined!

These were a very, very rare indulgent treat. I didn’t eat that whole plate – there was no way I could have! Just a little bit was all the sugar I could handle, and I had an order of eggs on the side so I was sure to get my protein. There was just no way I could pass those pancakes up though, and I’d gladly order them again. I haven’t had pancakes since that trip. Matter of fact, anyone want to meet me in Denver and go out for some? Mmmm…

(Yes, we went to Snooze as well while I was in Denver, but I loved these Bacon Pancakes more.)

Day 11 of 365. Photograph taken with my iPhone 4s at the Original Pancake House in Denver, Colorado on October 31, 2012.

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