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Why Not Me?

I had the strangest day today. I’m still whirling from it all a bit.

My makeup artist asked me on Wednesday if I knew any event photographers. Uh … yeah. ME. (5+ years of weddings? Yes. Events.) She was doing makeup for an event, and they needed a photographer. I exchanged emails with the event planner, and at first all I knew was her name and the time of the event; at first, I did not know the client’s name.

Yesterday I was annoyed at myself. Events? They don’t fit my “Why” of helping women grow their confidence and rediscover their beauty — I was thinking of handing it over to a friend. After all, Stephanie & I are are in the middle of preparing a series for Vivid & Brave on preparing for the new year. I have a lot to do between now & Monday.

Then I got the email back with the name, and discovered it was a luncheon for Emily’s List.


Know when the world keeps pinging you and trying to send you messages? This summer when I was at BlogHer, I almost went in to the panel about how to run for office. Hahaha… who do I think I am? I could never run for office. I didn’t attend it.

Today’s event? All about encouraging women to run for office. And then I flashed back to my activities in high school – I was in a model state government program in Illinois; I was selected as an “Outstanding” delegate for the Model UN program in Houston. (Pretty big deal when you’re one of 5 selected out of a hundred or so.) I went to Close Up in Washington DC.

On my road trip, I said many times that it was easier to understand how certain regions voted certain ways when I spent time in their geography.

As the gears were turning and I was talking with State Senators today from three different states, I realized — why NOT me?

The moment that brought it full circle for me though — irony at its best — was when Ohio State Senator Nina Turner started talking about women, and how women are often the most critical of themselves. We as women tear each other down, and it is terrible! It is time that we come together in the sisterhood circle. “It is the Sister Circle that will make the difference.”

Well, crap. THAT? That is exactly everything I am about.



I’m tired of a government full of men, mainly white men, deciding my fate. The current state of affairs in this country is horrible. I considered more than once trying to figure out how to stay in Canada this fall when I was in Calgary, just to get away from the insanity.

Maybe, instead, it is time to stand up and start figuring out how to change it. What I can do.

The start? Helping to get people out to vote. I’ve complained for years about people not turning out to vote. As someone said today, Texas shouldn’t be called a “Red State” when only 20% of the voters turn out – it should be called a “Non-Voting State”. 20%!!!!! That is just pathetic!!! Texas is LAST in Voter Turnout. Next election, when someone tells me that “they don’t bother because their vote doesn’t matter” I will point out that they are told to believe that, but it is not true. Not true AT ALL.

Beyond that? We will see. I need to spend some time thinking about this. I’ve always believed you have NO right to complain about something if you’re not willing to work towards a solution to fix it.

Why not me?

Everyday Avenger

My Government At Work…

Stand With Texas WomenIt has reached a point of pure insanity at the Texas Legislature when they are forcing women who are there for the hearings on HB2 (link to live blog on the topic) to surrender the tampons they have in their purses. Texas women are angry over this bill, and they are afraid that they will be used as projectiles to throw at the legislature.

No matter where you stand on this bill, no one should have to surrender basic feminine hygiene products. Ludicrous!

The only “down side” to my surgery and my road trip is that I’ve missed the opportunity to be there for this critical time in Texas government. If I had not been in the hospital, or if I wasn’t on the road now, I would be there in Austin. It is hard reading the news from so far away, and I really hope I have no issues with this hospital, otherwise I would be contacting experts from >

Picture Time Travel Notes

To Federicksburg & Back In One Day


A “quick” trip to Fredericksburg to do a bridal portrait session for Brittany’s niece was exactly what I needed to get my mind off of this week’s drama, and keep me from focusing on waiting for the results. I’m so glad Brittany went along with me, and that she drove most of the way.

In other places in the world, most people wouldn’t consider 4 hours each way close enough to do in a one day road trip. I realize it sounds a little crazy. However, Mike has been gone all week in Calgary, and since he returned to Houston at the same time we arrived there, I wanted to just get back home.

We did make a stop though at Hondo’s on Main for some kick-ass burgers & sweet potato fries. Just what we needed to fuel our journey home.

I have only visited Fredericksburg once before, my senior year in high school on a class trip where we camped at Enchanted Rock. It all looked quite charming, and I definitely want to return soon. Hopefully for more than a few hours next time!

Day 20 of 365. Photograph taken at Hondo’s on Main in Fredericksburg, Texas with my iPhone 5 on April 13, 2013.

Picture Time

One Last Freeze Before Summer Hits…

The Birds

I was just complaining last week about how soon summer is going to be here and how hot it is going to be … and now we were under a freeze warning for Houston last night and I’m snuggled in bed under two blankets to stay cozy and warm.

Yes, I am amused.

Day 3 of 365. Photograph taken with my iPhone on October 11, 2012 in Austin, Texas.

Picture Time

After the Fire…

The Burnt Trees of Bastrop, Texas

My friend Kelli Nicole asked if anyone could help her drive to Austin one day to buy a used car last October. I happened to not have any sessions that day, so I volunteered and we headed west for a quick trip to test drive and purchase a new-to-her Subaru.

I hadn’t been through Bastrop since the year before, when the wildfires of 2011 caused so much damage. It was shocking to see the formerly lush forest as just these blackened, charred remains of the trees that were left behind.

The drought isn’t over yet; while we’ve had some rain, they are still forecasting that it could rival the state’s worst dry years. We’ve had such a mild winter, I’m not looking forward to the summer. It will be here soon, and the mild winter means more mosquitos and other bugs.

It isn’t just the wildfires that are a concern; the parks here in Houston have also had a huge loss of trees. Lost habitat for animals. Lost shade for the people in the parks. Lost pieces of the eco-system that we need.

Day 2 of 365. Photograph taken with my iPhone on October 11, 2012 in Bastrop, Texas.