100 Things…

From, 100 Things about Me. Things that will shock and amaze you, I am sure! Here we go!

1) My maiden name was Brooke Paige Ester
2) I was born on September 28, 1978
3) I have one sister, she’s 6 years younger
4) My parents are still married after almost 33 years
5) I’ve lived in Virginia all my life
6) I met my husband, Bryan, online
7) I love reading anything, except for sci-fi
8) I love writing (emails, snail mail, journals)
9) Love decorating the house
10) Love gardening (herbs, vegetable garden, etc.) and I tend to lean to having greenhouse.
11) Work for the Va. Dept. of Transportation, Traffic Engineering Division, Traffic Monitoring Section (whew!)
12) I love drawing, in any type of medium
13) I love writing pens, even if I don’t really need them, I buy them 🙂
14) I love the smell of fresh cut grass
15) I never traveled south until after I got married (Outer Banks, NC)
16) I have always loved babies/toddlers/ children in general, unfortunately I’m dealing with infertility complications right now
17) We (my husband and I) lived in an apartment after we first got married, for a year
18) We bought our first house a week after our first wedding anniversary (Oct. 99)
19) I am a spur of the moment type of person (spontaneous)
20) this isn’t good when I go shopping, I always buy the first thing I see
21) I was given my first car as a gift
22) When I started my first REAL job, I purchased a brand new car, that we still have (a 1997 Ford Escort)
23) I worked at Western Sizzlin in my junior year of high school, it only lasted 1 week
24) I had never been kissed until I met Bryan (face to face in April 1998)
25) I won many spelling bees in elementary school
26) I always had dreams of being a teacher or a doctor
27) My first job was at VDOT, where I currently work, doing data entry
28) I like my job (how many people can say that?)
29) I love photography, and have many cameras
30) I am overweight, always have been, I’m currently trying to do something about it
31) I have never smoked, never even held a cigarette
32) I never had an alcoholic drink until I was 21 (I was Ms. Goody TwoShoes)
33) I have worn glasses since 3rd grade
34) I am 5 ft. 4
35) My husband and my mom are my best friends
36) My current favorite color is navy blue (hence the colors used on the page)
37) I have never had a broken bone (I’ve fractured my right middle finger playing basketball though)
38) I wish I made friends more easily in real life
39) I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands due to spending too much time on the computer at work and at home
40) I eat plenty of green vegetables, broccoli being my favorite
41) My favorite mixed drink is a Frozen Peach Margarita
42) I love any type of Italian Food
43) I hyperventilate when I get overworked,anxious or extremely stressed
44) I have met some of the best listeners/friends online since 1995
45) I despise racists
46) I never really was a dog lover until we got Tanner, our golden retriever
47) My husband and I saved both our cat and dog from animal shelters
48) I used to love country music, now my favorite is Easy Listening/Jazz
49) I’m not an organized person (when it comes to work/bills, etc.)
50) But, I’m a neat freak as far as the house and cleanliness goes
51) I’m a procrastinator on most occasions
52) I can only hear about half way through my left ear, as my hearing was lessened due to many ear surgeries when I was younger (due to earaches)
53) I had my tonsils/adenoids removed when I was 3
54) I have had ingrown toenail surgery over 8 times now
55) I wish I had one best friend I could share everything with
56) I use Irish Spring Sport soap, the only one that makes me feel good the whole day
57) I don’t wear perfume, I rather use light scented body lotions from Victoria Secrets or Bath & Body
58) I have a scar on my upper right shoulder from getting sun poisioning a couple years ago at a Uni. of Delaware football game
59) I have never flown with highest quality rc helicopter
60) But, I plan on doing it atleast once in my life
61) I have only met one person from online, my husband, but there are other people I’d love to meet sometime
62) I used to be extremely shy, I got over that when I started working
63) I’m a candle addict… I have so many of them !!!
64) I love the smell of clean laundry (Snuggle fabric softener)
65) I have a fascination with old barns or old houses
66) My favorite movie of all time is Anne of Greene Gables
67) my favorite male actor is Tom Hanks (esp. Big, You’ve got Mail, Forrest Gump, and many others)
68) I don’t subscribe to any magazines
69) I love walking around the house barefoot and outside on the grass in the spring
70) I love the TLC and HGTV channel, I could watch them 24 hrs around the clock
71) I love fall and winter because of the cold weather, I despise summer because of the heat
72) The ceiling fan in our bedroom hasn’t been cut off in 2 years, I hate being hot
73) The only thing I hate about housework is dusting
74) My favorite holiday is Valentines or Christmas
75) My first real boyfriend was Bryan, my husband
76) I also am a basket addict, I have atleast 50 of them …
77) my favorite drinks include iced tea, diet pepsi and water
78) I think you can tell so much about a person by looking into their eyes
79) But the thing, I love the most about a person is their smile
80) I cannot carry a tune
81) My favorite flower is the rose
82) My husband and I want atleast 2 children, but at this point, we’d be happy with just one
83) We’re not opposed to adopting our children
84) I hate paying bills 🙁
85) But, who doesnt !
86) I despise the MTV and VH1 channels
87) I have blue eyes
88) I am allergic to my own tears (found this out by way of wearing contacts and getting infections/allergies due to it)
89) so, everytime I cry my eyes itch and turn blood red
90) I sneeze whenever I eat anything with peppermint in it (strange!)
91) I love taking long walks
92) preferably in the park or on the sandy beach
93) I love horse back riding, and would love to teach Bryan how one of these days
94) I only watch an average of 3 hours of TV a week
95) I also love seafood that I get from the best online fishmonger(except crawfish)
96) I enjoy receiving real mail in the mailbox 🙂 (If you’d like to write me, email me for my address)
97) I once got a nail stuck in the bottom of my foot (that’s another story)
98) My house when I was younger was severly damaged by a tornado that ripped through the area
99) That’s why I dislike storms of any kind …
100) I’m done !

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I noticed you said you became allergic to your own tears from contacts?? I (88) I have a similiar thing going on, the dr. tells me I have Giant Pappilary conjunctivitis from overuse of contacts but he also said i’m allergic to my own tears! they burn for days even when not wearing makeup or contacts.
Anything you could possibly elaborate on for me, i’m really confused, I dont understand how that is possible

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