1984, Not 1987!

Even after the 7 bajillion times that I’ve watched “13 Going on 30,” it still drives me crazy that they try to say that it is set in 1987, yet it is the songs of 1983-1984 that they try to claim are the popular songs of the times. Rick Springfield was SO not cool by 1987! The Thriller video was huge in 1984! I know, because it was my freshman year in high school and I listened to the album all the time.

I love and adore this movie. I just pretend it is set in 1984 like the music indicates. When I was 14. (Spring 1984.) Which matches everything about this movie except the year they are trying to claim on the video.

By Christine

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Yes, you know….Jennifer Garner is perfect in that movie, because she is so believable as a transformed 14 year old.

I thought Prince’s Purple Rain was the big 1984 deal. At least it was at my high school. The Juniors hung 5,000,000,000 little purple teardrops from the ceiling in their hallway.

For us, it was Purple Rain that fall – but it seems like the spring of 1984 was still Thriller. When did the video originally come out?

I finally figured out why they did the dates wrong – she was 30 in 2004, so had to be 13 in 1987. But then the songs were all wrong.

Thank you! That always bothered me too. I’m not even very good at math, and it was glaringly obvious. Although I will forgive them for the choreographed dance scene, because that is the hallmark of an excellent movie.

I watched this about a week ago and thought of you because when it first came out we had a back-and-forth about the 80s stuff.

Hey, I hope you’re doing great. Your photos are gorgeous, Christine. You have such talent.


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