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Robyn promised not to get mad, so I’m revealing here for the very first time one of the pictures of myself, Todd and Colin Powell outside the local… um… video store. We invited Chris along but he said that four was a crowd in these sort of situations… I wonder what he meant by that or how he knew… Still we discussed foreign policy, the horrors of working in cubite-city and my funky stomach tattoo over chinese food and when the Secret Service agents came to take Colin back we had a group hug and I swear I saw Todd cop a feel and Colin smiled! After that I was too scared to be alone with him so I called Robyn and had her bring the muzzle and leash along.

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you know, if you need to cry or let it out, it’s ok. i know these things can be traumatizing. it’s ok to cry. let it out. be one with your anger. that’s a good girl. just the thought of Todd’s hand smelling like Colin Powell is just….

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