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A License Should be Required…

When I hear about things that people do, I seriously think that a license should be required before you can be a parent or step-parent. I was shocked when I was watching the news earlier and heard about how a Stepfather uses stun gun to discipline boy. Let’s add to this the fact that this idiot was making an 8 year old boy WALK 5 miles to school after missing the bus again. 5 miles. Hello? How insane is that? But then to use a stun gun on the kid whenever he slowed down? *sigh*

Add to the fact that they live right here in the Houston area. It just makes me sick – I want to go find him and kick his ass.

Then there is the mom and stepdad that starved her teenage son and then put him on a bus in PA bound for Florida, telling him to “go find his real dad”. 5’3″ and he only weighed 62 pounds. He died just days after being found. What is it with people? Why? How could you do this to another human?

By Christine

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don’t these parents just realize that these are just children? they’re at that age that they still depend on the parents for support and nourishment. i can’t believe they would even THINK of doing such a thing. if they can’t be disciplined, then send them away to bootcamp. at least you get fed and exercise and attention. both these cases just makes me so sad.

To some people their children make a convenient receptacle for venting their frustrations. To others children represent little more than anchors, drains on their available money and time. To some they represent failure and lost dreams. And to some they are a chance to do what mommy and daddy did to them. Some people are so poisoned by their own self-centeredness that they are blind to what they are doing.

As a foster parent, I’ve seen some parents like this who were a news tragedy waiting to happen. I’ve seen some parents who were so crazy I personally was scared of them. My motto for fostering is “CPS sucks, but some parents suck a lot worse.” Amen.

i cant say to much due to who i know. but yes this was a pitiful thing to do to a child, exspecially one like him. they have been placed with family and he goes to court starting today. hopefully he will be put away for a long time for all the things he did to those children. the stun gun was just the tip of the iceburg! please keep them in your prayers this week.

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