A Poke in the Eye…

That I-cord? I’m tired of working on it. 5 stitches, push. 5 stitches, push. And I have to work it in English, because when I tried to do it Continental it looked really wonky. So it’s going slowly. *sigh* Almost 4 feet done, only two or three more to go.

If you’ve done a Booga Bag out of Kureyon yarn, how long did you make your I-cord?

It doesn’t help that I’m allergic to this particular yarn. I have no problems with wool, so I suspect it is how this yarn is dyed. My next felted bag will be in a different wool. I would be done with this already if I wasn’t limiting the amount of time I worked on it so that I could breath the next day!

By Christine

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Oooh, I hate i-cord. I haven’t started my Booga yet, but when I do, I’m going to do the cord on a knitting spool instead. IF I don’t just braid it or twist it or something, which is another possibility. Actually, maybe I’ll “let” my 7-year-old do it on the knitting spool — he’d probably love it!

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