I feel ever so slightly bashful for mentioning this today, but I feel its time I came clean and admitted that I’m a closet Trekkie.
Now let me be specific here and say that I’m in love with the Original series. There was just always something about the way he’d stand around in that uniform. Those tight slacks. That accent. Those ears. I knew I was in love with Mr Scott from that very first episode I ever saw.
During my time in Europe I was fortunate enough to see episodes in a variety of languages and I have to admit that hearing him saying “Elle n’en peut plus capitaine!” just made my knees turn to jello.
Call me a freak, call me a nerd, call me honest, James Doohan pushes my buttons and I ain’t too proud to finally let the world know. Especially now in the later stages of his life, with all of his experience behind him…
Did I mention I have a strange fondness for men with triple chins and swollen beer-guts?