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Ain’t That The Truth…

H.G. Wells put it best, “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.”

Boy, ain’t that the truth…

[Via a link in my stats that lead to a link that lead to Meredith’s post about Blogger Wishlists. Spotted in the comments.]

By Christine

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6 replies on “Ain’t That The Truth…”

I’m not morally indignant about it, but it seems to me a lot like putting registry information in your wedding invitation. I agree with Miss Manners that that’s a no-no, and have the same sense about promoting wish lists.

I do keep wishlists on sites that have certain things I want to buy, but they’re there for me. i don’t advertise them on my blog. If someone wanted to buy me a gift, and said “what do you want?” I wouldn’t be averse to saying “I have wishlists at these sites, which should give you an idea of my taste” but I really would feel a little odd about having a wishlist link on my site.

But I am old-fashioned and don’t like tip jars and think you shouldn’t wear black to a wedding, either. So take me with a grain of salt.

I’m bummed about missing you last night, but 12 hours of sleep have restored my spirit.

Oh no, I didn’t posts it because I felt that way about wishlists at all… it was just such a dead on quote about people that suffer from “moral indignation”. Jealousy with a halo, it truly is.

On the topic of wishlists though, I like browsing them to see what other people like. I find things to add to my own wishlist that way. I don’t see them as cyberbegging so much as a way to browse someone’s DVD collection or their bookshelf.

i like lists. i NEED lists 🙂

i agree w/christine. i like to look at peoples lists. you can get a little better idea of who a person is and i’ve found stuff for myself that way as well… and it’s a good way for me to get stuff i want from my kids and family on those lovely gift giving holidays! my kids have even asked me to ADD stuff to my wishlist 🙂
i just wish that amazon had a quilting shop, then i could add FABRIC!

I have a wishlist link on my site, but I only put it up twice year… About a month and a half before my birthday, and then the same before Christmas. I am certainly not begging for gifts. Nor do I expect anyone to actually get me anything. My reason for putting it up is simply that most of my friends are ones I know only online. It just seems that if, for some reason, they actually would want to get me a gift, that’s the easiest way. :/

Heh, I forgot about that post! I actually just like making lists, myself, but I also admit to being greedy about it. Then again, I recently used my own Amazon wishlist to decide what to buy at Borders. Thanks for the ping. 🙂

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