All Clear… Or Not.

It turns out that we wouldn’t have died from asphyxiation last night with the heat running. We would have just wasted a lot of power in the process. (Gas? Electricity? I’m not sure. But you get the picture.) It seems that the gas going to the heater was turned off, so there was no chance that we were ever getting any heat last night, this is why I keep telling my husband that we need Hybrid Heat Pumps at home.

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Hopefully it will be on soon. I’d like to feel my fingers again. Maybe if I go and sit outside, they will warm up.

Update: Ok, change that. It’s a good thing that the heat didn’t come on last night because the downstairs heater (we have two) has a cracked heating element. Actually, with a few cracks. And if it had come on, we would have had some serious carbon monoxide issues. So, thankfully, we are alive – but now we need to buy a new heater. Which costs between $1,500 and $2,000.

Could someone please hold me while I cry? Thankfully we found great help at!!

By Christine

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Christine, go to home depot or someplace and get a carbon monoxide detector just like a smoke detector. Winter time heating problems cause more fires and more carbon monoxide poison deaths.

Why weren’t the cracks in the heat exchanger caught when the inspection was done of the furace/ac? Did you have it inspected before purchase?! I don’t mean by the house inspector but furnace inspection pre-sale. If so, they gave you a letter which should state soemthing… This happened to us on our second house and third house if it is any consolation. Didn’t you want a heat exchanger for Christmas?

Earlier I was singing, “I’m dreaming of a new furnace, one that will warm my frosty toes!”

We didn’t have the AC/Furnace inspected; just the house inspection and the termite inspection. We have a home warranty, so now I get to see how that works. Oh, and a new heater is only $500 more than the new water heater we bought back in July… *sigh*

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