All Clear in TARville!

I watched the finale of TAR and … hmmm … about the most exciting thing I can think of is to ask, “Is that Handsome Rob from Survivor on the next season?”

The boring teams made the final four. There was no excitement. No tension. Minimal yelling. Just a yawn or two as the final team won. (Ok, someone got engaged and I’ll admit it – that made me cry. But the rest was pretty damn slow.) At least it wasn’t like the season where the bitchy whiner who totally didn’t deserve the million won. I’m still pissed off about her.

Meanwhile, after 4 attempts to start it, I’m making yet another scarf. This one is for ME (the one from my class is a gift for someone else), and I LOVE IT. It is in Paton’s “PINK POWER” Twister yarn. Pink Power – how appropriate is that?

Why 4 attempts? First I thought I needed it to be 12 stitches wide. On a size 17 needle. Nope, way too wide. Ok, 10 stitches. Nope, still too wide, and I dropped it when I got a phone call so I lost my place and decided to just rip it out again. Then I started with 9 stitches, but about 8 rows up I counted and discovered I had 10 stitches. Oops. I figured out where I had added the stitch, so I went back to that row and started again. Now I’m finally almost done with the first of two skeins. Hopefully I can finish it up tonight.

Pink Power!

By Christine

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4 replies on “All Clear in TARville!”

I can’t believe that they got engaged. That woman was such an annoying bitch. Why would you want to be married to her?

I wish my favorite team, Kris and Jon, would have won. They were so sweet and deserved it way more than Kendra with all her “these people just keep breeding” comments about Africa.

I can’t wait to see Rob and Amber. I love them! And Handsome Rob is from The Italian Job. He’s Boston Rob. 😉

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