And I Thought The Teachers Here Were Nuts…

I have to admit that just a month ago I thought the teachers here in Houston at my son’s elementary school were nuts with their requirements for 4th graders. Then I read this e-mail I got from a Mom’s list that I am on:

Patrick (who is in 2nd grade) has to make a toy that is completely “new” and unheard of. I thought, O.K., we can do that. BUT….. then I read that you must incorporate a simple machine into it. A simple machine is a pulley, lever, wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge or a screw. Also, this has to be something that he can do much of the work on, and he must be able to write then read a report on it and explain its function as well as how we made it to the class

Maybe it’s just me, but these projects sound like something that the parents are expected to do more than something to encourage the children to learn. I guess that their logic is that it will encourage free thinking or something, be creative. In reality? I think it encourages the parents to have a few good strong drinks.

By Christine

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