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And Just Like That…

Last year, I wrote a post about The 9th of November, riding bikes, and Amy Legris, my best friend when I was young and lived in Kankakee, Illinois – whose birthday is November 9th.

I was looking through my sidebar tonight to double check my posts that were recently commented on. It is the little thing I do to try to catch the spam posts, and meanwhile to find the most recent comments. I see the post in the list, and I assume that it’s going to be spam.

But it isn’t.

It is a comment … from Amy. And I can assume it is from the real Amy, because she calls me “Chris” in the comment. I was Chris for many years, but when we moved to Houston I decided it was time to be Christine. Call me Chris now and I will go carnival freak crazy on you, unless you knew me prior to 1985.

Dude. She found my blog, and she left a comment. I have her e-mail address now, after all these years. Last time I located her was at least 15 years ago – and now, thanks to a blog post, I know how to find her.

Excuse me while I go freak out.

By Christine

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God I love the internet! That has happened to me a few time… and you know, it doesn’t hurt to be a blogging Christine, people searching for us can usually find us! And I also had to comment that I was “Chris” until ’82 but unless you know me from then, you better not EVER try to call me that.

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