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Another cool one… however brief…it

Another cool one… however brief…it was beautiful. I like it.

Then there is The One Percent List – when I get the blog running as it should I aspire to be listed there some day….

And I like the design at Thought Element

How about Yack D Yack?

And this… this is it… this was what was in my mind all along using the plaid, etc. This is it. I love it. Recycled Thoughts

And then … ctrl-alt-ego is as cool as always.

Then I see the beautiful clean simplicity of The Gaylery and that inspires me to go another way. Guess you guys will just have to all come on over to the full site when it is up & ready…

Hmmm… they are all starting to look alike now. Living in Hormoney Must mean it is time to stop looking, huh? That or go to the Digital Asylum. I am off to read more WebLog Madness. Later!

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