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Around the Web & Back Again: Weekly Recap #1…

I’ve been craving a change. It isn’t the first time I’ve felt this way, but once again I find myself wishing I could consolidate all of my sites into one big site. In the end, it is all me, but sometimes I feel like I’m spread out. Pieces of me in different places. Twitter. Facebook. Flickr forums. Here, there, everywhere.

But for some of my sites, this move wouldn’t make sense at all. I need to maintain a business presence for my photography brands, and the SLGT Photo Project needs to stand on its own. So instead, as a way to review what I’ve done and what I need to do, I’m going to start doing a weekly write-up here of what I’ve done everywhere else. If you follow all of my other sites, you will recognize things you’ve already seen. If you only read this one, you’ll get a recap of other things. Hopefully it will lead you to something new, or something you may have missed.

– In big news at home, Jason graduated from high school! Whoo hoo!!! Yes, I took photos. Yes, they are still on the memory cards. They will be edited this week, and I’ll write more about that here. Mike’s parents flew in from Kentucky for the graduation, and they, along with my parents, went with us up to College Station for the event. It was a great day! I’m so proud of him!

Now he has his first job interview tomorrow! Eeeeee!

– I relaunched Wholly Matrimony this week. With a new look, and a refreshed focus on real destination weddings, with a touch of DIY craftiness & planning tips to help couples planning their destination wedding. I was excited to share Lea & Brian’s Costa Rica Destination Wedding, a cute DIY paper pom-pom for decorating a wedding venue, and Jessica & Christaan’s Destination Wedding at Rockhouse in Negril, Jamaica.

– On the SLGT Photo Project, I shared information on the First Saturday Arts Market, Q-Views Theresa Quintanilla, Robot in Bloom’s incredible handcrafted flowers, and Active Pets Houston.

This week, I have a whole blogapalooza of posts planned for over there. Check in often, as I’m going to be writing them up as fast as I can! I have several shoots waiting to go live!

– I made a big design change over at the Christine Tremoulet Destination Wedding & Boudoir Photography blog. It is now a lovely sunny shade of yellow! I needed a clean, uncluttered site. The kraft paper background, while lovely and matching my branding & marketing materials, just wasn’t giving me the feel that I wanted. Now I smile every time I pull up the site. That energizes me to blog there as well! Lots to share coming up!

On Monday or Tuesday, I’ll be announcing the latest boudoir photography specials. I just need to put the final touch on them! I think I’m going to do a Twitter/Facebook only bonus special as well, so if you follow me there keep an eye out for it! I have had the honor now of photographing over 50 gorgeous women. I wish I had more sessions to show off, but I respect everyone’s privacy and don’t post photos without permission. Trust me, every woman is beautiful, and every client that has ever left has told me how empowered they feel after their session. They are such a blessing for them, for me, and of course the recipient of the photos if they are doing them as a gift.

And yes, I *do* travel for boudoir sessions. People always say that they wish I lived in their area. Get 2-3 friends to agree on dates that work for me, and I’ll head to you to do a session with each of you! (If you’re the organizer, you get a special deal!)

– I was a sponsor of TEDxHouston yesterday, and it was AMAZING. If a TEDx event is happening in your city, go. Definitely, go. The photos below are part of the set that I posted on Flickr that you can check out here. It was a wonderful day, and I’m so very glad I got to be a part of it.

One of the things that made TEDx unique is that it is a curated audience event. You had to apply to attend. The speakers aren’t paid to speak, so it is key to have a passionate audience that wants to hear what they have to say. You could just sense an energy that was like nothing I’ve seen before. It was amazing.

Two Star Symphony - TEDx Houston 2010

TEDx Houston 2010

Dominic Walsh Dancers - TEDx Houston 2010

Possibilian - Dr. David Eagleman - TEDx Houston 2010

Props to the team at Culture Pilot & all of the volunteers who worked *hard* to make this happen. You did an AMAZING job!

THANK YOU to all the volunteers! TEDx Houston 2010

The Culture Pilot Team Behind TEDxHouston

– Last but not least, I posted here about a workbook that NO website owner, business owner, blogger should be without – my review of Naomi Dunford’s IttyBiz Ninja SEO School. Short version? If you don’t have it, you should buy it. NOW.

I also wrote about Mike appearing “in print” in an article about curing meat at home. Why yes, he did in fact make pancetta in our study. He had to hide it from me, his favorite picky eater. My reaction? “Ewwww…” But he swears it was delicious!

– Weight loss for the week: 0 lb. Still circling the same number. Doing measurements tomorrow so I can at least see inches go even if pounds don’t.

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