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Arsenio on Leno…

Arsenio Hall is on Leno right now and they are showing clips from him interviewing people on the red carpet at the ESPY awards. Cal Ripkin, Jr. walked up with his wife and kids, and Arsenio said to him, “You obviously have kids. Have you talked to them about freezing you?” Cal was speechless. I was laughing so hard I almost dropped the laptop. That was TOO funny. Don’t get me wrong, the actual situation that prompted that comment, the fact that Ted William’s son wants to (or has?) freeze him is very sad. But the look on Cal’s face? Classic. I needed a good laugh!

By Christine

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LOL! Jon Stewart had a hilarious bit about this on the Daily Show last night (the rerun one that’s on during Buffy at 7). They were talking about freezing sports stars in their prime instead of waiting until they are old 😉 E and I laughed so hard!!!

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