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AUGH!!! I clicked on a

AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGH!!! I clicked on a link, and it overwrote everything I had written in the “Blog This!” window. Grumble, grumble. Lets see, maybe I can remember it all.

I am going to work on the “Blogs I Visit” links tonight, but for now, here are some more: This is My Brain on Blog… and Sometimes I Scare Myself: The Journal.

Kymberlie’s Dad got a new Pug Puppy. I bet it is just as cute as can be. I like it when other people have dogs. Part of me wants a dog, but they are *so* high maintenance. And I am high maintenance – so that is a conflict of interest there. I think I am better off sticking with my low maintenance, quiet, cats. But there are days where I would love to have a pretty golden retriever or a yellow lab. (Or a dog that is a mix of both)

I sent Naomi this cool card from Yahoo! Greetings that said “We Learned it all in Kindergarten … Boys are Stupid”. I couldn’t resist. It was too perfect, since she has listened to me whine time & time again about my man problems since last June. It definately gave me that nice warm fuzzy feeling when she IM’d me to tell me “thanks for your awesome-groovy-coolness self”. Awwww… I just love that warm fuzzy feeling. Especially when it comes from someone who ROCKS like Naomi. (I said more stuff before, but Blogger ate that too. LOL)

You know, I keep reading blogs instead of working. Is there some correlation between blogs and crack? Heroin? What? These things are TOO addictive. Mannnnn… I am going to be so busted if I don’t get back to work. Instead, I keep reading blogs and laughing at my computer. Everyone must think I am nuts. Oh well, nothing new.

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