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Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing…

Oh goodness. I have issues sometimes with “unique” baby names – I’ll admit it. I think that your child is destined to people completely mispronouncing their name their entire life or at least spelling it wrong – which is annoying. On top of that, if you go too wacky, they will be teased all the time. It is just … mean. I know, you want to be unique and cool with their name, but come on. Anyways, for the amusement of the wild and crazy ideas out there, check out Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing.

“This is for my niece, Dawn. She is expecting a baby girl in September. I suggested that they name her Dusk. What does everyone think?”

I can’t stop shaking my head just thinking about it!

By Christine

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well I recall getting a letter from my younger sister when she was preggie, after an ultra sound saying that she was going to have a girl and that they would name her Fionulla if they could figure out how to spell it. Her full name is Fionulla Alyisse O’Casey- can we tell what nationality her father is?

Her brother is Fearghal James O’Casey and I have the hardest time not referring to them as finny and fergy. However thanks to the good parenting they seem to be growing up fairly normal.


I don’t know why, but just about every kid in Rachel’s class has one of these really weird, “unique” names. I swear – out of a class of 29 kids – 3 of them have typical names. I think people are going overboard for fear of a Jennifer invasion again. LOL!

I’m guilty of the unique name business… but in our family, the one who gets teased the most is Jonathan because his name is so boring! [you can read about them in the who’s who, under ABOUT if you are interested].

Growing up, my grandpa’s name was Harry Monk. My uncle was Harry Jr. but hated his name so we all called him Chip. Monk.

Now that link has just provided me with some great outbursts for 10 mins…LOL!!
The unique name thing is going on in Germany as well, and I love exchanging new names with friends which we caught up in schools or on playgrounds…hours of fun! Luckily, that letter K and Y overuse has not hit us yet, but especially urban academics come up with the most unique ‘oldschool’ names and pronunciations… less, uh, educated parts of the population are clearly in favor of American pop stars’ first names. Ewww! There’s about 4 Justins in every class now… and imagine that pronounced with a German accent: Tchuss-teen!!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised as Robby’s gotten into school; there are very few “unique” names in his elementary school. Of course, there are a few too many Emmas, Kaitlyns (in various spellings), Joshuas and Tylers, but it could be soooooo much worse.

I’m pretty sure my mother-in-law *still* thinks I made up “Amalia” (Amy’s full name), despite the fact that I pointed out various historical examples, including a queen of Greece and Frederick the Great’s sister. I was tickled to death when I went to Spain last year to find a keychain with Amalia on it — I attached it to the bag I sent with her on her current trip to visit my inlaws. 🙂

Dusk, that fits right in with Rumer, Apple, Puma, and Fionulla Alyisse O’Casey. I’m laughing as I read this, but these kids will be humiliated to no end. Most won’t be able to write their name on one line in the 1st and second grades. I wrote an article on Foreign names being banned in Mexico on my Blog. Children’s names are becoming an issue everywhere. Stop by and post a comment!

i named my baby Dusk. she’s a beautiful baby and dusk is my favourite time of the day. i live in western australia if you have ever seen the sun set over the ocean, you’ll know what i mean. but in the end a name is a name. as long as it’s loved all is well 🙂

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