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I don’t know what it is, but I *LOVE* “Never Been Kissed”. It is one of my all-time favorites. I get goose bumps every single time I see the ending, and I think I have seen the movie about 15 times! I am such a nut.

Jason & I went to see “Cats & Dogs” yesterday and it was GREAT. I laughed so hard. We saw “Shrek” last weekend – and personally I thought “Cats & Dogs” was a lot better. “Shrek” had it’s moments, but it still had nothing and those cats and that adorable beagle. I will say that my cats are not as evil as the ones in that show, although I can see Murphy maybe having some potential. Mona is too much of a sweetie and a wimp. She would be hiding under the bed while the others tried to take over the world!

I still have a little bit of a tummy ache, so I have to avoid certain foods. Otherwise I feel 100% better then I did on Friday. Naomi & I had fun chatting last night, that helped to lift my spirits a lot. I was in a bad mood when I woke up Saturday. I had had a dream about the Insignificant Other – and then got an e-mail reminder from a site I signed up for long ago that his birthday is this coming weekend. (the 28th) While I am very happy that he is out of my life, somedays I just want to call him up and yell at him for all the things I bottled up in the past. BUT I resisted all temptation on Saturday & didn’t do it – I know better. No good would have come from that. I will admit I dialed 7 out of 10 digits of his phone number. Then I hung up – and that is what matters most. Hey, I know, I could get everyone to send him mean e-mails for his birthday! Yeah!!! No, no, no… just kidding. Although it is an amusing thought, I am way above that. I just want more out of life – I want someone that knows when to laugh with me, and when to laugh at me. Who loves me, in spite of my faults. Who knows that life is not always sunshine & roses … sometimes there is rain, but if you stand close together under the umbrella you will get through it just fine, even if you do get a little wet. For now I have other things to focus on – work (which is going well – I still love my new job & the company), Jason, and my friends.

Speaking of friends – Naomi, thanks again for Saturday night. I had a blast, it was hysterical, I am glad we got to let our hair down. Or however you want to look at what we did. Let’s just say I was touched. *wink* It has been a long time since I have laughed for 6 hours straight.

Oh! Back to the movies … there is a preview clip on HBO right now for their upcoming movie, “Band of Brothers”. It looks like it will be really good. It comes out on September 9. Another one I want to see is the new one with Nicolas Cage – Captain Correlli’s Mandolin. (Is that right? Think so.) Off to watch “Sex in the City” now!

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