Does anyone mind translating a German knitting pattern for me? I could try, with a *lot* of effort, to figure it out, but I thought maybe someone would know German that could do it much faster than I could. It is the Wollkistchens Musterseite: Baltikum-Socken pattern, and while there is an English version available out there, it has been modified to 64 stitches. (I can make out that much of the pattern in the original.) Since I am a size 39 shoe, I know this would fit – if only I could read German!

If you can help, let me know. You can either comment here or e-mail me – my e-mail is christine @ this domain. Thank you in advance!

By Christine

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Elemmaciltur, you ROCK! Thank you *so* much!

Kat, I considered Babelfish, but since part of it is in cryptic knitting abbreviations, I figured it wouldn’t be much help.

Wendy, part of my relaxing summer plans? All knitting, all the time! 😀 So the cool sock pattern is perfect for that!

Why didn’t you use Sari, Thomas’ wife? She’s not working now…just home with the 2 kids. You should get Skype and talk to her over the summer!

Um, because I don’t have a way to contact Sari, and I knew that there were knitters that read my blog that live in Germany (Elemmaciltur and I have exchanged e-mails for a few months), so late last night it just made the most sense to post it here. Writing her out of the blue to translate something for me would have made me feel like I was “using” her.

I just did a Google translation of the pattern and ended up snorting my morning coffee up my nose. Hilarious! (The translation, not snorting my coffee up my nose…maybe).

If you are still in need of a translation, I can try asking my daughter’s boyfriend’s sister. Let me know.


What we need is a distionary that translates only the knitting/crochet terminology. We can start by handing it over to Babelfish or anyone else to translate the common language, then we will in the blanks with the new founded translations of the knitting/crochet terms. If it is the type of dictionary that is two-way, two languages can be helped.

One draw back, more books and the more languages you get into – more books, and more books and so forth!

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