Banned Songs

From Fucked Company: “Just trying to help (and for this they get a “luck”), Clear Channel, owner of over 1,170 radio stations, has banned these songs from their airwaves. Included are songs about war, the word “Tuesday”, and even “Walk Like an Egyptian”.” I can see why they are banning some of these songs, but come on… “Walk Like an Egyptian”? There are several others that make me think to myself, “ok, I can see the logic behind that, but isn’t that a bit much?” Because I don’t think they need to be banned. Not all of them. Frank Sinatra singing “New York, New York”? Nina “99 Luft Balloons/99 Red Balloons”? Martha & the Vandellas “Nowhere to Run”, Shelly Fabares “Johnny Angel” or Peter and Gordon “I Go To Pieces”? Simon And Garfunkel “Bridge Over Troubled Water”? Even my James Taylor song, “Fire and Rain” is listed. I knew it would be. Along with Don McLean “American Pie” and Buddy Holly and the Crickets “That’ll Be the Day”. Hmmm. I don’t think they should all be banned. Will banning them change the events of the past week? NO. That’s like saying if we stick our head in a hole in the ground then things will just stop happening around us.

By Christine

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I subscribe to a radio listserv, and Clear Channel employees have said that they haven’t gotten any list from management regarding songs they can’t play. Also, I heard Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” on Providence’s Clear Channel rock station about an hour ago.

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