Beverly Hills, 90210 Marathon

I Tivo’d every episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 on FX this week. I was in Germany when the show was first on the air, so I missed the first & second season. Now I get to catch up! First I got to see the one where Brandon dates the teenage mom – I am glad they showed that teen pregnancy happens. I had never seen the slumber party episode, and was amused at how easily they convinced Kelly’s friend Amanda to just give up the diet pills. You know Amanda, you have an eating disorder, but just let it go – *poof*! Now I am watching the one where Brandon is going to be on a TV show – and there is a lot of irony in the fact that he says, “it used to be one of those squeeky clean shows where, you know, by some miracle every problem was solved just in time for the last commercial.” Uhm, doesn’t that sum up 90210 itself! And in these early episodes David is a grade behind them (isn’t he?) and they consider him such a dork. Did that change when his friend Scott died? And Donna is always wearing skin tight outfits, while Brenda is wearing a sweater! Is that suposed to be the Minnesota vs California look? Does Brandon fall in love with every girl he meets? It’s so funny – every episode I have watched today he is in love with someone else!

I personally liked the show better when Brenda was still on it. Yeah, ok, I watched it through the end of it’s run, but it made a lot more sense when they were in school, Brenda was on it, and their parents were still there. It got even more hokey (if that was possible!) when the parents moved to China (yeah, ok?!?) and Brandon lived in the parent’s house.

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I love this show. I think I can tell what episode it is within 30 seconds of turning it on :giggle: I liked it when Bren was still on, too – her and Dylan – wowsa! the later shows with Kelly bouncing between the guys was a big much! But I still loved it 🙂

There are four show in which I’ve seen every episode… 90210 is one of ’em. Love it! I didn’t like Brenda on it, though. She bugged me… such a drama queen and always over-reacting to stuff (the exact kind of person I hated in high school myself, I suppose… LOL). I liked it right after Brenda left and when Kelly gained a bit of weight… she was so cute after that. Donna has always made me gag with her fake boobies and made-up cleavage. Anyway, my point is that I still love watching the show and I don’t care who makes fun of me for it! *snorts*

Oh, I stopped watching it right after they did away with Brenda. I liked her and I HATED Kelly for stabbing her in the back with Dylan like that. And Christine, you are so right, the show made SENSE when the two kids lived with their parents. If they have to go to college, fine, but don’t leave Brandon living there when his parents move out. Okay, so that is kind of exactly what happened to me. My parents moved out and left me living in the house, but it just doesn’t make sense on TV. lol ;o)

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