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Big Blogger Update…

By a very narrow margin, Benjy was voted off of the Big Blogger All-Star! game today. Now we are at the point where – instead of the contestants nominating people – YOU get to pick from the final four who gets eliminated next.

If I could vote (I can’t) I would pick Ashley. Why? She lost me this week. She actually posted that immigration should be restricted because it decreases the quality of life. From there it went downhill, and she actually wrote that the world is too damn full so abortion after 2 children should be mandatory. From there she said that there should be a lottery style mass-killing of people to solve the world’s population problems.

So, while I don’t want to lose, I would rather make it to the final three and lose to Rusty or Ken then lose to Ashley. If you’re interested in voting, head on over to the Big Blogger group and vote for Ashley.

By Christine

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good bye, ashley. i didn’t read what you wrote, but it didn’t sound very bright. if you’d like, we can tax the wealthy at 100%, and distribute the money to the needy country of your choice.

I agree Christine. I’ve been following this contest for quite some time. While I didn’t think that Ashley was the brightest lightbulb in the package, she was non-offensive… until that post. I cannot believe some of the stuff she said, and then defended. It’s unbelievable. And even though she says that age doesn’t play a part in it… She’s wrong. She’s young and naive and not thinking. So I just went and voted to eliminate her. Good luck. 😉

Just out of curiousity, why do you disagree that immigration should be restricted? While it would be nice if those of us in better situations could help everybody that isn’t, I think we have a responsibility to ourselves to make sure that we don’t end up as a third world country. I feel that if we let in every single refugee and immigrant – regardless of whether they can contribute to the society – then we will bring our own standards of living down. I, personally, don’t want to worry about not having adequate housing, water, and food, because we dispensed our resources to non-natives before taking care of our own.

I don’t think immigration should be restricted in the sense that she was referring to – completely closing the boarders. The United States was founded by refugees. Refugees and immigrants are a *very* strong part of our history as a nation. But my reasons are even more personal than that.

Less than 100 years ago, my relatives on my mother’s side of my family immigrated to the United States. They were required to show that they had money and to show that they had sponsors waiting for them in the States. They had a place to live, somewhere to go. They learned English (instead of demanding that their language be taught in schools, etc. – a tangent I won’t go on tonight) and became a true part of their community.

I don’t think the borders should be open for anyone to just come on in. I personally believe you should be a citizen before you get welfare or any other government aid. But I think immigration – when done correctly – should be allowed.

If the logic 100 or 200 years ago was “if we let these people in we will bring down our standard of living”, most of us wouldn’t even be here.

I’m sorry, but, my “seeing eyes” don’t seem to be reading the same text that you seemed to have linked to. I reread Ashley’s posts, and don’t see where she refers to close off the borders. If anything, she seems to simply want immigration standards to be kept into place. If anything, she seems to have the same sentiment on immigration that you do: not everybody should be allowed in, and that the proper channels should be adhered to.

So…could you point me out to where she says that borders should be closed? I really didn’t find that at all.

“Immigration should be restricted” was what I posted originally, but I errored in my comment later when I said that she felt we should close the borders to immigration. My apologies for the error in my later comment; what I actually was referring to was this sentence that she wrote: “As for refugees… I don’t think they should be accepted into the country, ever. The world is beyond capacity as it is, any deaths … will only shrink the percentage by which the world is bursting.” She then goes on to point out that if they are refugees they are oppressed, uneducated, and possibly mentally ill.

That’s what I don’t get. So, let’s say someone is a political refugee and they need to seek help. WHY would we turn them away? Again, the people that founded this country were political and religious refugees. But now we should turn them away? Under the assumption that they have these problems? Thing is – there are refugees that don’t fit that description.

So, that’s why I misspoke earlier. I used the terms immigrant and refugee for the same thing, and she does want to close the borders for one of them.

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