Birthday Lace from Katy!

Do you know what is even better than having friends that knit? Having friends that knit things FOR YOU! Katy said that as she worked on the Diamond Fantasy shawl, she realized that it was really calling my name. So she gave it to me for my birthday! (Well, we couldn’t get together on my birthday, so it was a week later, but still within the “birthday month” so that is still birthday time to me!)

I realized yesterday that I had been remiss and not shared a photo of it on the blog. And this is not the best photo – Mike took it while I was wearing it with my cell phone. But I had to share it.

The yarn is Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet Sock Yarn, and the pattern is the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. It is so lovely that two complete strangers out in the wild complemented me on it today – and since Katy was with me, I quickly responded with, “She knit it!”

Hmmm… since I’m posting a photo and her knitting details, does this make this post Katy Blogless’s first blog post via proxy? (Please comment on it, as Katy thinks that if she had a knitblog, no one would comment. So I want her to see the commenty love!)

By Christine

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