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Nuns Gone Wild!

Nuns suspended for going on wild Club 18-30 holiday – it seems that 12 nuns from the U.S. (supposedly) went on a trip and had sex with 43 men in 2 weeks. Because they wanted to experience sin.

Now if 12 nuns each had sex with one man, that is one thing. But 43 men in 2 weeks? That is way beyond sin. Really way beyond sin. Just add water and get an insta-slut!

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WARNING: This news article may or may not be true. It may just be a satire newspaper in the same vein as The Onion. I have linked to a story that made me laugh. I took it as a joke, almost like that one about the Priest, the Rabbi and the Minister that walked into a bar. It was not my intention to insult Catholics in any way, and I do not feel that nuns are sluts. (I am especially not saying that “all nuns are sluts,” because that would be a very broad statement that is simply not logical.) I linked to it only because it made me giggle. My link is no indication of my sentiments about the Catholic faith. I am, under no circumstances, Catholic bashing.

(What a said day it is when I have to post a “disclaimer” like this on my own site. This is also the first time I have been forced to close comments on a post, and any future comments about this topic will be deleted.)

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18 replies on “Nuns Gone Wild!”

Ok, I can’t stop giggling over that one. Oh, that was bad. Worse than the “Insatianun” comment I made on IM earlier. I am going to have to edit the post itself to include that line. Oh, too funny!

pwee! If i was a nun, i would be a woman. I am a glass of milk. Sometimes, I like to eat spaghetti out my ears. It makes a noise. sometimes, ducks quack. But who can blame them. If I was a duck, i’m sure i would to!

And because you read it on the internet you believe it is true??? I doubt it VERY much. I resent crap like this being printed anywhere. Logically, it makes no sense. Maybe one would do it but 12???

Hmmm… yeah, normally when I find more than one news agency carrying the report, I believe it. And sure it makes sense logically – 12 women, in their 20s, get together, go on a trip, and go a bit wild? Sounds like most spring break stories that you hear…

The other story the ONE news agency had was about Swiss prostitutes swap stiletto heels for skates to escape the police! What convent were these nuns from? Any other details the NEWS (?) agency reported that could be checked out. Putting anti-Catholic crap like this online is what perpetuates stupid ideas. I doubt if 12 women in the convent would all together do something so stupid. What other news agency had this online besides the one in the UK? It was garbage and I can’t believe you believe it!!!!

If you think a story more reputable because of the nationality of the news agency that posted it, dear, you’ve got a rude awakening ahead of you.

If you’re just upset because Catholics can be sluts too, welcome to the club. Everything I read lately involves bashing Muslims (War on Terror), Christians (OMG NO COMMANDMENTS FFS!!!111!), and Jews (Isreal is Evil, Palestine r00lz, etc). If the worst people can muster about Catholics are Slutty nuns and a very aged pope (and the sex offenders in the clergy), M’Dear, you really need to relax.

And if it’s not true, all the funnier because we’ve ALL been had.

Yes, I will defend my faith on stupid comments saying that 12 nuns would all do something like this. Just because some stupid website posted it doesn’t mean it’s true. Use some common sense when you read something that doesn’t ring true.

Oh my goodness, Mom. NO ONE attacked your faith. I was just amused by the story – true or not – and never said anything anti-Catholic. Nuns, priests, ministers, etc. – all are HUMAN, no matter what religion they are. Human. Taking vows does not change that. As humans, sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they make bad choices. No one is church bashing here, and you are the ONLY person that made a single comment about Catholics. Oh, I’m sorry … four comments. (Not to mention all the e-mails you sent me.) No said anything negative, although your posts were getting pretty close. I don’t tolerate bashing on my website from anyone, even if it is my own mother…

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