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Bloggers Across the Land Rejoice!

I’m sure you have an RSS feed, right? (You do, don’t you? You know why you want one, right?) If you are like me, you might want a feed that serves all categories except one or two that you don’t want to share. For me, it’s the restricted access posts. Now, Mark and Brad have come up with a solution. Sweet! Enjoy!

Also on the RSS front, Tim Bray has posted some interesting thoughts on how to determine who is pulling your RSS feeds. One of my favorite questions, and right now I’m still stuck finding out the old fashion way – just asking. I’m hoping that will change over time.

By Christine

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2 replies on “Bloggers Across the Land Rejoice!”

well, maybe i am stupid but i just look at my server logs to see who is pulling my xml page. you can spot the spiders easily since they are nice enough to leave their info as the referrer. then i am left with my subscribers. i know who most of them are becuase they will leave comments. the rest are just like anonymous blog readers, they are just anonymous xml readers. there are also some good log readers out there that will let you filter on the xml page and show you just who pulled it. same with any other pages like .rss.

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