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If you haven’t heard already, Google bought Pyra Labs, the creators of Blogger. With a little less fanfare, it seems that Microsoft is testing the blogging-tool waters, and that same article goes on to say that AOL is building blogging tools and MSN is considering the same. Interesting, very interesting. I can’t help but wonder how all of this is going to change the blog world, but I imagine it will be for the best. Today if you tell people that you have a blog they give you a sort of puzzled look, wondering if that’s some sort of new disease or something. In the future, maybe blogs will be as common as e-mail addresses? [via Weblogs Compendium]

Speaking of blogs, there is a new PHP blogging tool on the block – BC Journal. (I wonder if the site is being hit hard, I can’t get it to load now. Hmm…) [also via Weblogs Compendium]

Gothic Miss Manners gives some wonderful tips for blog writers and readers. [via Meredith]

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The BC Journal link might be down because it’s a link to personal host. (It looks like from the redirect to that the site may be hosted on someone’s personal computer.) Of course, I could be wrong.

In other news, the thought of MSN/AOL blogs kinda scare me. If only for the same reason that most of the spam I get comes from either aol, msn, hotmail, or yahoo. My best hope is that they will simply be a springboard for potential bloggers who otherwise may not have discovered the medium.

Lycos/Tripod started a new blog system about 3 weeks ago. Right now it’s only avaliable to users that have upgraded accounts.

It’s very basic and simple to use although I don’t like the controll issues. I did try it out to see what it was like -very basic and easy to use. And I’m sure a great way for new bloggers to get into the bloggin world.

I am new to this blogging and my friends and family are like “what is that?” They are starting to read it and it’s funny when they makes comments to me on person about an entry I posted. 😉
We shall see what it becomes of blogging once the “big” ones open it up to the masses. 🙂

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