BPC Hurricane Center…

Here is the latest update from the BPC Hurricane Center:

We have planned out at least 3 non-highway routes out of Houston. None of them are on the official evacuation route paths. Hopefully this will keep us out of some of the traffic. Leia has already proved helpful with her amazing map skills, and is on standby if I need her for additional route assistance.

I’ve posted an update in the Blogomania forums. The servers are in Florida, so none of our client’s sites will be affected by the storm.

Pets will be loaded within the next 30 minutes or so. Then it is one last trip to the bathroom before we head out.

We have travelled with Chloe before, so I know she will be ok in the car. I have never travelled with the cats, so … it should be interesting.

I’ll be posting photos through Flickr of the ride out of town. I am prepared to be sitting for a long, long time. But the decision has been made, and we’re heading out. More from the road. (I still can’t find whatever is causing my comments to all end up moderated, so please leave comments but know that they won’t show up until I approve them from Austin.)

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Be safe. We’ll all be thinking of you. Having gone through three – or was it four – last year in Fla., I know how scary this is.

You’re doing a wise thing by getting out. Although it looks now that Houston may be spared the brunt of the storm, it’s true – things can be replaced. You and your loved ones cannot.

u are probably gone, but for others an update- i just spoke to a friend that left Houston (bellaire) at midnight. u was unable to get a hold of her until about an hour ago. She said that since midnight, she has traveled about 47 miles (she’son I45). i spoke to her at about 3:30pm. they were just opening up the inbound lanes for outbound traffic and she was able to start moving. she said that fuel and food and water are scarce along the way.

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