Busy as Can Be!

Today has been a busy day & I am not about to stop yet. I have cranked out proposals for clients, and am about to add one more to my list. I am going to send e-mails to a few clients too. I don’t know where this huge energy burst has come from, but it feels good! So I am taking advantage of it! I stop long enough to make sure that Tivo is set to catch Frasier and Judging Amy. And I caught up on a few more blogs. While I was doing that, I came across Jen’s comments about her new TiVo, and it made me realize something. I have never heard a TiVo owner say anything bad about their TiVo. I have never heard someone say, “Oh, I thought I would like it, but you know … well, it’s ok but no big deal” or anything like “Yeah, we got one but I hated it and took it back to the store.” Nooooo… most TiVo owners will gush on and on about how wonderful TiVo is, how they LOVE having Season Passes set up to catch all of their favorite shows, how it’s so great not having to deal with the VCR any more, how cool it is that you can watch the beginning of a show while the end is still taping, pause live TV, rewind live TV … you get the picture. TiVo ROCKS!!! Not that many products out there inspire such loyalty as the TiVo…

By Christine

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My only complaint is that our unit was either a return or damaged during the shipping process. My husband called Circuit City and they will be replacing it as soon as they get more in. (I think we got the last one in the store!) Until then, we’ll live with the little “Phillips” plate falling off and the fact that the remote is dirty – as long as I can watch today’s General Hospital episode tomorrow morning, I’m ecstatic!

Week before last, in the background of a scene on “Friends”, next to the TV, I spotted over Ross’s shoulder a silver Sony TiVo! I could see the TiVo guy!!! Chandler and Monica have a TIVO!!! (See how cutting edge cool we are Jen?)

i may be the only person who has a rant -against- TiVo, but it isn’t about the product, just their idiot customer service who couldn’t manage to deliver my unit when i ordered it online, and then it took months to get a refund (because by then, i couldn’t afford to keep what had been an impulse buy in the first place). i am STILL pouting.

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