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But What About the Zombies?

While riding through the back roads of Virginia, after two and a half days in a 22-foot truck*, I started to wonder…

If zombies were married while they were human, and are now undead, and they have a zombie wedding – are they polygamists?

After asking Kelly about this while she was driving, I am not sure if she will ever take me on another road trip with her again.

* No, I did not move. Kelly did. Another friend of ours was going to be joining her for the ride from Houston to Washington, D.C., but had a family emergency 36 hours before they were supposed to leave. Since I am the boss of me, and there was no way Kelly could do it alone, I shifted some of my plans and went along with her.

I’m now typing this just over 24 hours after I arrived in DC, on my flight back to Houston since I have a wedding tomorrow to photograph. We got in a trip to see the Cherry Blossoms though, which were beautiful! I’ll return again soon to see more of the city – it has been too long since my last trip there!

By Christine

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