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Call Me, Baby…

Motorola V551 Phone (Cingular)Yeah! I got a new phone! I’m mobile again! Wheeeeee!!! And it is a pretty phone too, with lots of cool features and … I’m so excited! I got the Motorola V551. Since our contract was almost up, we were eligible for the upgrade so we got it at a great price. Now I just need to find a headset for it and get a car charger, and I’m all set. (I rely on the car charger a lot, and I always use a headset when I’m driving.) They were all out of the bluetooth special headsets, and I wasn’t about to spend $50 on one today.

Anyone have a Bluetooth headset that they recommend? Or is the sound better if I just stick with the regular corded headset?

Also on the phone front, we are formally switched over to Vonage after a relatively painless process! We ordered it at the very end of July, and put in the phone number transfer request the very same day. SBC actually had their act together for a change – instead of the “20 business days” as originally predicted, it took less than a week to move the phone number over. By Thursday, calls to our home number were coming through on the Vonage phone line.

Vonage ROCKS in about a million ways. You can check your voicemail online. You can be notified by e-mail of your voicemail messages, and even have the audio clip sent there if you want. You can tell Vonage to call an alternate number (such as your cell phone) if you don’t answer your home phone after so many seconds. The only static I’ve had so far is because I’ve got the cordless phone base and the WiFi router sitting right next to one another. I need to move the phone base, and that should take care of it.

Want to sign up for Vonage? Let me know – I can send you a referral link via e-mail, and we will both get some free service time! How cool is that? I love Vonage. (If you want more info on it, let me know – I’m happy to share the Vonage love!)

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I had the V500 for a year and it was a superb phone. Just switched to the Samsung D500 (ooh pattern forming) and it’s also a superb phone so far, had it a month or two and no problems yet.

New phones rock 🙂

I’d love a Vonage referral. It actually just became available in our area. I’ve been waiting for over a year for it!

And I’m jealous of your new cell phone. 😉 I’ve got the V220 and love it.

Get yourself the Motorola HS850 headset. I have two HS810’s and they work flawlessly with my Nokia 6620 and my fiance’s Nokia 6230. My biz partner has the same headset with his Motorola V551 and it works great for him as well. The HS850 is the newer version and they have given it more battery life and cleaned up a few other things. I will be buying one of the newer ones when I can figure out a good way to loose my HS810. It is a great headset.

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