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Can We Slap Her Now?

Thanks to her panhandling, it seems that Karyn is finally out of debt. Now you can send your money to more worthy causes like:
:: Helping Rannie get a larger place (online). He’s hosting with me at Blogomania, by the way – like a lot of other cool people out there…
:: Helping out the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation now that Statia has her ticket to Florida for her boobies.
:: Or how about a PenCam for Promo? The one he has featured on his site is just like mine, and I love it! So he should have one too.

Any other campaigns we should know about? Now that Karyn doesn’t need that money, it’s time to spread the love! [via Rannie]

By Christine

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21 replies on “Can We Slap Her Now?”

Good Lord, that Karyn burns me up – reading the CNN article made me think that it was sheer luck she wasn’t eaten by wolves in NYC. My only consolation is that she will be known forever as “That Woman To Stupid to Get Herself Out of Debt.” Or at least, I hope so. Is that wrong?

jay and I have been joking around with the “send jason and erika on their honeymoon!” campaign. *heh*

it’s neat to see “tip jars” and such on people’s sites, but I always wonder if people actually contribute.

Y’know, it really isn’t Karyn that bothers me, rather all the people that sent her money. They are really the ones that should be strung up! Who is more the idiot…the leader or the idiot who follows??

How about the Lisa’s House deposit fund-I only need $35,000- thats only $17,000US- come on guys! I’ll flash my DD boobies for that! (giggle)

as much as i grit my teeth whenever i think about the “save karyn” thing, various dire financial crises that are currently destroying my life make it very, very tempting to try the same thing. curse my pride! hello, bankruptcy lawyer!

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