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Can’t Stop Giggling…

I just got home from an evening at Elaine’s house, carving pumpkins for Halloween with Elaine, Kenny, Mike, Hanna, Kathy (who has already posted her pumpkin photo), Tom, EJ, Sherry, Kenny, Robert, Oskar, Joe, and many others. What is the first thing that all good bloggers do when they come home from an evening away from a computer? Well, they check their e-mail and their comments, of course! Imagine my giggles of glee when I discovered Robyn’s comment directing me to MSNBC’s Weblog Central and the latest post there! A really cool end to a really good evening!

This amuses me on so many levels – I actually tried to submit a response about my Boston visit with Jennifer too, but had an error come up and couldn’t send it through. It’s also interesting how small the blog world can be at times – I’m listed there with Ernie and right below the comments about my blog is a message from Bran about Davezilla!

Just for the memories, this is what the Weblog Central post said:

Former Best of Blogs blogger Jennifer replied to my question from a couple weeks ago, “Ever met a blogger?” with this response:

“HA! I had one come and stay with me for a week! Although we had never met Christine ( in person, I’d ‘known’ her online for almost a year. She came to Boston and stayed with us for the Fourth of July. (We got along great!)”

We get a few recommendations for this blog every week, and short of naming your child Big Pink Cookie, having its writer to your house is about as strong an endorsement I can think of. So it’s about time we put it on the list.

My visit to Boston and meeting Jenn was beyond fantastic. I think I don’t go more than 3 days without making the comment that I wish I lived in Boston now. She’s the best – and what a perfect tribute to our friendship which all began thanks to our blogs!

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