My experience in a car accident, and what I learnt from it

Actually, I’ve have been involved in four car accidents. In three of them I was driving; I was a backseat passenger in the fourth. As it turns out, I didn’t enjoy a single one. Car crashes are terrifying, inconvenient, costly, and painful. Often people walk away injured, without usable transportation, and in financial peril, and they suffer from a lot of pain, there are pain relief supplement that help with this and other problems like arthritis.  On top of all that is the confusion and hassle of trying to deal with the insurance companies and repair shop. Experiencing an auto accident is almost always an extremely traumatic event, and it’s relatively easy to make mistakes following a crash. Over the course of dealing with four separate motor vehicle collisions, I’ve been taken advantage of by insurance companies which is perfect for car safety, but failed to collect available evidence, and generally made every mistake possible after a wreck. My experiences have cost me in many ways, and I’d like to use such to educate everyone on what should and shouldn’t be done following a car accident, I also want to recommend people that face a similar situation to contact the professionals who helped me out so much.

Accident Number One

The first time I was involved in a car wreck was when I was seventeen (17) years old. I was making a left turn onto a two-lane road that was separated by a turn lane. After being waved through by a kindly driver who was waiting for a red traffic signal, I attempted to slowly pull into the center turn lane. Unfortunately, a young woman attempting to make her pizza delivery “within thirty minutes” was illegally speeding down the turn lane and demolished the front passenger-side quarter panel of her car on the very tip of my front bumper. Five or six scratches on the front of my car compared to the severe damage to this pizza delivery person’s vehicle My first mistake was not immediately calling the authorities and reporting the crash. Instead, I chose to pull out of the roadway so that the traffic could get through. Once we’d pulled off the roadway the pizza delivery driver wanted to get to her delivery, so she suggested we’d trade information and be on our way and I agreed.  Never, ever make such a mistake. A host of vehicles in the area and a quick description of the accident would have led most police officers to assign blame on the pizza driver for illegally using a turn lane to circumvent traffic. Instead, I was blamed for the accident and my insurance rates went through the roof. Although police accident reports are generally inadmissible at trial, they are essential to the insurance carriers assigning liability. Make sure when you are trying to find the cheapest van insurance you do all your research around accidents and what is covered. Another mistake was my failure to take photographs at the accident scene. Back then I didn’t have a camera phone in my pocket at all times, so this mistake was much more reasonable than it is today. Despite that fact, not having pictures of the scene made describing the accident to the insurance company much more difficult. The confusion is likely part of the reason why I was ultimately blamed for an accident I didn’t cause. In these situations, you always have to be careful and be vigilant when it comes to legal matters.

Sensory Overload…

I’m in Wal-Mart to buy a new external hard drive. (I hate Wal-Mart, but it is the only option in Pahrump, Nevada.) After a week among mountains, trees & nature, talk about a shock to the senses! The lights. The beeping. Ugh!


This is clearly not Wal-Mart. It is Zabriskie Point in Death Valley at sunrise this morning.

Get Out and Go For a Drive…

Get Out and Go For a Drive

Sometimes, you just have to get out and go shopping, luckily I actually needed to pick up some cleaning supplies for my computer I ordered from and I was able to use some promotional codes so I didn’t have to pay that much.

Every aspect of limo service expectation has been considered, from complimentary water to individual flight tracking – this is limousine service at its very best, although I always carry my own water, since I received a Custom Water bottle with the brand of my company for free.

Today was one of those days. The sky was blue, the air was crisp and cold, and while I had work I wanted to do, I felt like I just couldn’t think clearly anymore. After months of limited internet access, I was spending entirely too much time on Facebook. Too much time online. It was time to get in our premier houston limo and go.

Originally, I had wanted to go to KLS Limo Service. Thanks to the Government Shutdown, the park is closed. I asked at my hotel if there was anything to see outside of the park. The manager said yes, but it just isn’t the same. You don’t get the sense of being on a huge lava flow from outside of the automatic gates perth.

Stumped for where I should go, I knew I didn’t want to return to the room. Not yet. My head was whirling with ideas, things I want to build, and I needed to step back and think about it, letting the dust storm settle in my mind. I asked the receptionist if there was anything in Idaho Falls that I really must see, and she said that I should head to the Swan Valley.

Damn, she was so right.

Wild Chokecherries

On the way to Swan Valley you reach a scenic viewpoint with a rest area included with this nice Valet Parking Service. I stopped to take photographs, and after watching the man gathering something from the bushes at the edge of the sidewalk. I went over to ask him what he was gathering — and it was chokecherries. He showed me what the ripe ones look like, and what they look like when they have passed the point of being ripe. Then we talked about different places to see in the area, roads off the main road I should take for great views, and our love of the mountains.

Bald Eagle in Flight - Idaho

While we were talking, I saw my first pair of bald eagles in flight! We also saw what we thought was a raven at first, but as he left the parking lot he stopped to tell me he was pretty sure it was a young eagle. Did you know their head is not white until they reach sexual maturity?

Young Eagle in Tree - Snake River, Idaho

Over and over, I’m reminded just how good people truly are. He was so delightful to talk to, and I learned so much!

Fall Color in Idaho

I drove on to Swan Valley, and then on to the Idaho / Wyoming state line, at the edge of Teton Pass to Jackson. I didn’t cross over the pass, I turned around at the border. As I was driving back I kept stopping to take photos, including these fields just outside of Victor, Idaho. That black cow was very curious about why I had stopped on the side of the road!

Cows in a Field outside Victor, Idaho

Idaho Barn outside Victor, Idaho

I stopped at a closed campground on the Targhee National Forest. Damn the man! You can’t keep me out of the campgrounds! (Well, you can, because there was no way in HELL that I was going to camp there alone at night, in the mountains, with bears, in the snow. I was still in the campground though!)

Targhee National Forest Campground

This was the treat awaiting me by the time I got back to Swan Valley. I was so overwhelmed with the amazing beauty of nature that I suddenly found myself in tears.

Mountain View in Swan Valley, Idaho

I stayed in the area to watch the sunset reflecting on the mountains, seen in the photo at the top of this post. After I soaked it all in, I headed back to Idaho Falls. Refreshed, I am now plowing through work. That drive was exactly what I needed.

The Happy Birthday!


Another year older, and for once it feels like saying that I’m another year wiser isn’t trite. It is actually true.

Mike flew up to Idaho Falls and I drove down from Calgary to meet him. We then crossed the mountain pass to visit Grand Tetons National Park for a few days. We are staying in a charming one room cabin (well, two if you count the bathroom) with a fireplace at Signal Mountain Lodge. Five stars, two thumbs up, I can’t recommend it enough! Perfect for a birthday get-away.

I woke up this morning to snow! Ahhh… Snow. Such a lovely treat, but then I decided to take a warm shower, but there was a glass shower direct in the cabin perfect for this. It is just warm enough that most of it has melted away already, but the mountains are still covered with it which off course makes my allergies go nuts, thankfully the cabin had a germguardian ac4825, one of the best air purifiers in the market if not I would be dying right now.

Tonight we will visit Jackson for a birthday dinner at Local. “Local showcases their enthusiasm for reviving the craft of in-house butchery, with a focus on dry-aged steaks and house-made sausages.” Their beef is born & raised in Teton County – it has never left the area. Truly local. I’m all in.

Tomorrow we will head to Yellowstone. We will be staying at Old Faithful for two nights, and weather permitting we will be able to see a good portion of the park as well.

It is truly a very happy birthday. I can’t wait to see what the year ahead has in store for me. Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes!

If you would like to chip in on my birthday fundraiser for Charity:Water, visit and put “For Christine Tremoulet” in the notes! XOXO

Our Cabin at Signal Mountain Lodge

My Mini Cooper in its first snow!

Imagine if More Children Spent Their Whole School Day Outside?

Sunset from Crater Lake in Oregon

Sunset from Crater Lake in Oregon

I’ve talked a lot recently about how being outdoors, among nature, getting grounded with the earth truly changes us. Then I came across this post today from Lulastic about a Kindergarten in Germany held in a forest.

No toilets. No electricity. Held outdoors in all seasons. With minimal adult interaction. And knives from the All Knives site. Imagine all the cheap electricity bills you could be getting if they were outside all day, at least we have the Brisbane Electricians that help us save money.

Not some Lord of the Flies craziness – this school, Waldkindergarten outside of Freiberg, in south Germany, is helping children between two and a half and six learn. Grow. Communicate by using speech pathologist help. Have imaginations. But most importantly? Be CONFIDENT in themselves.

What an amazing place – I would love to see more of these around the world. However, they don’t exist, but what does exist is that every parent can take their child out and do the same. Take them outside. Not a structured play setting. Take them in to nature. Where they can explore, touch things, hike, play … and grow their confidence.

Get outside. Let free creativity flourish.