Celebrating the Veterans

Jason had a project due earlier this week where they were supposed to make a half-sheet poster honoring a veteran. I have two cousins currently serving in the Armed Forces, so he put them on his poster. My cousin Darren is in the Marines, and my cousin Eric is in the Army. Both have served in Iraq and will be returning there again in the future. *sigh* I’ve talked about Eric before, back during Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan, where his best friend was killed. (I have better photos of the poster, but they are stuck on the camera card until I get to the other computer to pull them off.)

Thank you to all the men & women that have served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces to defend us. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. It is something that can’t really be expressed in words.

Take a moment – thank a vet.

By Christine

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my cousin is a Major in the Army and is leaving for Iraq after Thanksgiving sometime. he’s leaving behind his wife and 3 daughters. he’ll be there for a year, at least. I’m very proud of him for making the military his career, just like my uncle (his dad) did with the Airforce.

War is nothing more than the perpetuation of the current economic state. Don’t be duped. I hate to sound like I have no respect for vets, because I do; they are people who have experienced hell on earth, but I never again will I glorify war.

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