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Checking Out New Tunes…

I never use Netscape. I hate Netscape – I always have. I think that people tend to love the first browser that they use – and for me, it was Internet Explorer. Today I had to open up the Netscape browser though because my IE is corrupted and won’t let me save images correctly and I need to snag content from a client’s old site, so Netscape was the only option. While there, I discovered on the Netscape home page that there is a Netscape Music Channel where you can listen to entire CDs with Real Audio! Sweet! There are a few new CDs I’ve thought about getting, but I don’t want to download them through Kazaa right now – so this is the perfect alternative!

By Christine

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Haha, I have to disagree with the “first browser you stick with” philosophy … I was an ardent Netscape supporter even into the dark Netscape 4.x days until I actually tried IE (I think at version 5). Once I realized the standards support was 10x better than Netscape, I switched almost immediately and I haven’t looked back. 😀 I can honestly remembering Netscape version 1 and 2, though … man, that *almost* makes me feel old. 😉 I have to say that I do like Mozilla a lot, too, though it hasn’t usurped IE’s hold over me yet. 🙂

I also hate Netscape. But I am forced to use it because my IE is corrupted, and won’t let me go to secure websites. Yes, I have tried fixing the security setting, nothing works.

I stopped worrying, ages ago, about how my blog looks in Netscape. It probably looks like crap, but I don’t care!

Funny you should mention new browsers. I am test driving this Opera browser I just downloaded right now. No popups! Spam filter! No securtity holes! And fast?! Hoo! I’m lovin’ it baby, yeah!

I’ve been having problems with IE myself recently (did you also install the MDAC security patch? If so, you’ll probably have to uninstall IE6, and then reinstall it).

Mozilla seems to do everything I need (well, apart from totally hang my machine on certain webpages, but I’ll keep IE in the background if I ever _want_ that to happen).

Considering the Netscape portal will be available via any browser, do you think you’ll be going back to IE at all?

I’m actually using IE5.5 – installing and uninstalling IE6 didn’t help, and nothing else we’ve tried has helped either. However, I’ll never leave IE – I only launched Netscape since I needed that graphic for my client. I’ve tried Opera, Mozilla, everything else – and I’ve given up on looking for now. I’m sticking with IE!

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