Checks, checks, and more checks

Interesting… Erica mentioned problems with – I have never had problems with them since I first used them way back in 1990 (before they were even online.) BUT that doesn’t mean that things don’t change, and it has been over 2 years since I ordered checks. Naomi, I have to worry about a company that sells The Body Smells Checks. I can’t stop laughing since I hit the page. “The Plumber, Bad Breath, Armpit-Man and The Feet Guy. Bill Paying Stinks!” Ewwww… Also noted, I figured you would have liked them for the Dancing Skeletons. The checks there are as expensive as the banks – if I was going to pay that much I would just get the Mary Englebreit checks that I originally wanted. Hmmm… I don’t like that you have to order 2 boxes of the Laura Ashley checks – it took me close to 2 years to go through 200 checks. I don’t use that many each month obviously. And James – all of my checks have that fine print on them that says “Not a Real Check”! Some innocents still accept them without noticing that clause fortunately. Oh, my side is starting to hurt from all of this laughter!

You know… these Van Gogh and Monet checks are pretty… And the search continues on!

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Hi Christine. Just thought I’d let you know that you can find Mary Englebreit checks at Lonnie uses the checkbook most frequently so I’m afraid we’re stuck with blue safety!

Yeah, but the new Mary Englebreit checks that they carry are *no where* near as cute as the old ones used to be – they are pretty lame. Just fruit pictures if I remember right. The ones that my bank sells are much cuter, they have “Princess of Quite a Lot” and so forth on them.

I am tryingto find checks of the late Princess Diana, as i am a big Diana fan. I ourchase from checks in the mail now but i’ve beentrying since for 3 years to get them to make these checks. Does anyone know of asite with these?
Siana famn 4-always

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