Chop Chop!

I went to get my hair cut today. Well, first it was just going to be a cut. An inch or so, shape it a little better than it is. But it was just too dark (even after I lightened it a few weeks ago) so I decided I needed highlights too. As he did the highlights, I flipped through the hair magazine and pointed out all of the “flippy cuts” that I really like. I finally picked one that was a bob but with flippy ends. I said I wanted it like that, just longer – closer to shoulder length.

The highlights turned out great.

The cut on the other hand … it’s more of a “shag” than a “bob”, with a flippy end section about an inch longer than the rest. It could be fixed by cutting that off to even it up – but then the whole thing would be close to chin length – not shoulder length like I wanted. In other words, it’s already an inch or more too short.

No, I probably won’t be posting pictures of it tonight. Maybe tomorrow – first I have to get used to it. It’s a good cut, but I’ve lost about 5″ of hair. Fortunately my hair grows fast, so getting back 2 or 3 of those inches shouldn’t take too long. But for now, I feel sort of scalped. Sure, it’s what I asked for – well, close to it. But I keep thinking I should have just gone with the original plan of cutting off an inch or two – not this! Oh well … it’s hair. It grows – and the color looks great!

By Christine

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🙂 This has nipped in the butt my urge of: must get haircut so bad, can’t wait to go to the salon, will just run to the Supercuts, how bad can it be?

I’d rather deal with too long and flippy than too short and no flip. And ironically this is the exact opposite of my response to my last hair change, when I loved the cut and hated the highlights. 🙂

Anyway, haven’t commented in awhile cause I’m loser girl, but wanted to check in and y’know, noogie the new hairdo. 🙂

Well, I still have some flip. And as I just played with it more, I can see myself growing to like it. I think it was just the initial shock that was getting to me. I was *so* excited to be back in downtown so that Cruz could cut my hair. The cut itself is good – it has nice movement and body to it. It’s just the length, or rather the lack thereof, that I am still working on getting used to.

Funny, yours is the second post I’ve read about hair cuts today, the first being Ailina’s. Anyhow, it sounds cute. I hope you show us pictues. I think shorter is coming back in, and good thing too; I’m tired of long and unstyled (cut mine about a month ago *grin*)!

I want my hair cut so badly right now. I want something like Ciscley has, but I’m afraid that my face will look funky. I suppose you are right, it’s just hair. It grows back. 🙂

Can’t wait to see the pics!

I got my hair cut on Saturday, and I bravely (seriously — I’m a chicken when it comes to short cuts) asked for a style that would be off my shoulders. It’s a little shorter than I thought I’d get, and I lost about five inches, but it’s nice not to have so much heavy hair on my neck, shoulders, and back. I have a little flip, though I think that’s because my hair refuses to curl under, even under penalty of numerous hair care products!

I bet your hair looks FAB… can’t wait to see the photos! I have a similar cut… flipped only because the hair on the left side of my head ALWAYS wants to flip, regardless, so my stylist told me to work with it… it’s not so bad. I also dyed over my dark hair with blue last week. It’s hardly noticeable, except in sunlight… silly, but fun! 🙂

Hey girl,
I don’t know you much and didn’t really read what you wrote on your site but I saw the pictures at the
bottom of your web site and you look good! Keep it up woman!

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