Chris Pirillo, Look Out…

Chris Pirillo had better watch it, I think my son Jason may be going after his job soon. I’m not sure if I exposed him to too much TechTV this weekend or what, but I knew I was in trouble when he was working on his chart for his science fair project this afternoon. I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher as he sat at the table working on the laptop. All of the sudden he exclaimed, “I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!” I couldn’t help but laugh. Such enthusiasm, over the cut & paste functionality in Word!

I started thinking “TechTV needs a kids show!” Then I realized that kids pick up this stuff faster then adults, and after watching the Call for Help episode from earlier this week about the wireless networks he already understands how ours works. They don’t need a dumbed-down show at all!

I love technology!

By Christine

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I’m seeing tons of great segments — “how to handle the tech support call for your parents”, “how to upgrade…..for your parents”, “how to tell your grandparents they just aren’t ready for a computer yet”. The possibilities are endless — great idea! 🙂

That’s just it though – he gets the content on Call for Help just as quickly as I do. I think kids are techno-sponges. I can’t get my mom to remember Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V but he caught on right away. (He was doing it using the Edit|Copy and Edit|Paste options in the menu originally)

That idea just totally rocks!!! My kids have been using the computer since they were 4 and are so amazing at it 🙂 My son watches tech tv with me and when there are call ins he sometimes yells out the answer to someone’s problems 🙂
Gotta love Technology

Ok, how about a version for toddlers… Elmo can be the co-star! LOL!! Wait… nevermind… as it is, Rachel’s always trying to get me off the computer so she can “play” on it (play, to her, means pretend to be mommy and bang on the keys… and then spill something on the keyboard)

What and awesome kids are 3&4 and are whizzes at the computer compared to my mother in-law…you should hear them when they are over there and she is on the computer “No Nana, that’s not how you do it”…hehehehe…My 4yo daughter says she wants so she can be on the internet too…YIPES! lol

They love watching TechTV too….

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