Coastal School Districts Cancel Classes…

Galveston has now issued a mandatory evacuation and the Coastal School Districts have cancelled classes for the rest of the week. They aren’t going to let anything slip past them this time, it seems. The grocery stores are all out of bottled water already. (I have a few empty containers here that I’m going to fill up.) They are also out of goodies like masking tape and batteries. As I said before, I’ve never been in Houston for a big hurricane – the extent of my planning originally was wondering if I had enough sock yarn to get me through the storm!

Of course, now I’m thinking about things that are much more important than that. I don’t know if we will evacuate; we’ll decide that in the next day or so. For now we need to stock up on supplies – especially after reading how our side of town had no electricity for two weeks back in 1983 after Hurricane Alicia. Hopefully, the systems have improved in the past 20 years, but just in case I want to be ready.

The Chronicle has a Rita blog set up already. The SciGuy is covering it also.

It is interesting for me to watch the school closings, since I’m a student now too. I wonder if my classes will be cancelled. We have our first Algebra test next Tuesday – what a birthday present! – and I wonder if it will be rescheduled if we don’t have class this Thursday. (I’ll study as if we are having it, since we have covered all but the very end of the material it is over.) We need to get through the storm first though – then we’ll worry about things like tests.

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I keep looking at the NOAA site. Everytime I look, the winds increase for this area. We’re in the yellow right now, about an hour ago we were in the light green. We’ll get the twisters from it pretty much no matter where it goes. I really hope it doesn’t get much stronger, I’m not interested in having no electricity for more than a few minutes. (not to mention, I don’t want people dying and stuff!)

oh no! i have been watching this one closely today. My boys is from Houston originally, he has friends there, now i have friends there… my Brother just bought a condo in South Padre… all those evacuees from LA! oh no! stupid stupid hurricanes! Stay Safe and knit lots o socks!

One big tip we learned from getting hit three times last year…if you stay, fill up every tupperware container you can with water and put it in the freezer in advance. The ice will help keep more food cold in the freezer than you’d get from just a cooler (and it takes awhile for a freezer to cool off anyway) — and when it finally melts, you have all those extra sealed containers of water.

Also bleach the crap out of your tub and fill it up with water in advance. You can do basic washing (dishes, etc.) in there if you aren’t desperate enough to drink it.

Hang in there and stay safe!

I doubt we will evacuate – that is our “worst case” option. I was here through Allison – my car flooded, but all the water drained away by the next day. I’ll prepare water in the tub and freezer (great tip, Robyn!), and I’m going to borrow a camping stove from my Dad, plus we have the grill. We picked up canned goods at the store tonight. We filled both cars up with gas, which we both needed to do anyways. I’m going to take all the stuff from the patio and put it in the garage on Friday just to be safe in the case of tornados.

I think we’re good to go – now it is just a matter of waiting for Rita to decide where she is going to go!

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