The interview has been confirmed – 11:30 on Thursday morning. And I still don’t have a clue what I’m going to wear. Ugh!

Picture Yourself has been updated, and more will be added tomorrow. I’m going to add more stuff to Pixelog tonight too.

By Christine

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Make sure your car is clean. I went to a seminar put on by the Penn. Dept. of Labor and they said one of the things the interviewers do now is check the condition of your car—they’ll either walk you out to your car after the interview or check it while you’re in the building. Maybe that just stuck with me because my car is a mess… nevermind, you’ll be fine.

OMG! I’m so screwed! My car is never perfectly clean! But it’s better than it was last week – when I had the former job boxes still in there – so it won’t take much to make it even better! I just had it washed on Saturday when the oil was changed, so that’s at least good!

Hehe, if I had an interview at 11:30 on Thursday, I wouldn’t know what to wear until 11:15 on Thursday 😉 But I’ve always been a bit belligerent about getting dressed up. 🙂

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